Monday, May 16, 2011

Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream

Now we are in the moisture zone. After cleansing and use the toner we can zip in and have the moisture sealed on your skin, keeping the skin moist and protected for up to 12 hours.

Many people think that this step is important, what I think is this step is as important as the rest, you need cleansing and toning as well. I open the wrapping and there you can read (on the store too) sorry for the rotation, I can't do a thing, Blogger made it that way and I can't rotate it back the way it was supposed to :(

But you can read the details on my previous posts.

This small bottle contain a wonderful cream that not just moisturizing but for me from the first touch this rich cream gives a relaxing feeling. The scent is lovely green, delicate, rich but surprisingly easy to absorb.

I like the fact that the ingredients are natural, organic and not just organics but certified organics. The Body Shop kept their promise for always deliver community trade ingredients and 100% vegetarian, they use nature's goodness and never tested on animals.

I use 2/3 of a pump since for me a full pump is too much for my entire face. The cream is slightly thick, white and soft to the touch.

I dab on my 5 spots to help it spread easily. Then use my palms to gently massage the cream in.

Remember to use the upward motion for the cheeks to help tone the skin, for the forehead massage it outward direction, for the nose area I massage the cream in, and for the neck I use upward and outward direction.

Do the gentle massage slowly and enjoy the process, there is no need to rush and ruined the moment, your skin need time to absorb the cream and let it be done according to the time your skin need. No worries 5 minutes is maximum, 1-3 minutes is usually enough for me. Take note, during my first use I feel warm tingling sensation on the sides of my nose and between the cheeks. It probably because of my enlarge pores. But after one use the next day I don't feel it again.

As you can see there's a luminous glow after using the Smoothing Day Cream from Nutriganics and to the touch I feel softer and silky. The skin also feels the benefit from massaging the skin with Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream, it looks more toned and ready to face the day.

Tips: Use a sunblock afterward and best to use the serum before the moisturizer, I've tried Nutriganics Serum and it absorb super fast, if you want maximum 'power' of Nutriganics, get the whole deal ^o^

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