Friday, May 6, 2011

Softlense Oh Softlense

Hi all,

I've been wanting to have this post for a long time, finally after much considerations I did it now. There have been so many soft lenses out there I can't hardly keep up, so instead of going up and down through many brands and type I choose soft lenses and only from reputable companies. I don't do lenses from online shopping, cheapos, nor what-itz-called one.

My friend have use hard lenses too and it's just weird, I know some says they are more safe to use (I do not know the reason, can't anyone tell me?) but for me the adaptation takes too long and so many things to get them ready. So that's why I prefer Soft lenses.

For more than 10 years I've invested my money on soft lenses, yes, they don't grow, so it's pretty much a spending instead of investment. I've used permanent soft lenses that last a year (but never quiet a year, like around 9 months I've done with it for being uncomfortable, the risk of infection, endless sanitizing, removing proteins with tablets, aosepts, fresh saline, etc, it's just too much homework. So I went to monthly lenses from CIBA. But since I need soft lenses all day long like more than 12 hours a day, it didn't do a good job, around the 8th hour it started to dry up and I'm blur, really blur. So I've done with it.

Now from the picture above, there's all mine right now. I'm not a collector, I like to mix and match, for me it's not just a necessity, but I like things my own way, and it seems my eyes does to. And do you notice the Lomo on my pics, I'm using a new app on my iPhone and it's cool, so yes! All pictures here belongs to me. Ask permission before using them okie dokie.

First thing I'm going to discuss is 1 day Acuvue Moist that I recently bought. I'm not going to give you the spec, you can easily done that on their website, so this post is completely all about experience. It is very moist, like you are literally swimming, warning! It might took you a while to adjust, for me there some kind of mild feeling of looking through a fish eye lens (like on camera), yes something like that. But beside those awkward fish tank feeling the lenses itself is very comfortable. You wouldn't notice anything there. It is very moist I have to give you a tips during removing the lens, it is slippery and on some days, I found it difficult to take it out. Inserting in? For me is very easy and smooth.

Perfect for travelers that don't have time to continually putting on the moisture drops, in dry climate, busy, and just want some comfort and security that your eyes feels good for 12 hours....and more for me.

Acuvue 2, is a 2-weekly basis that is perfect for me. I like the lenses where it's not so slippery yet not dry like Acuvue Clear, it's not like having a fish eyes, I got my perfect vision there (how many times should I say perfect), no glare, no dryness, no sensitivity, and it stay for more than 10 hours. I use soft lenses like every single day, I hate glasses, I just do, they gives me a headache from the astigmatism, frames (come one, I can only see things inside that square), my nose is not on the right proportion for glasses, and I can continue for just skip it.

Fresh Look Handling Tint is perfect for beginner who doesn't know where is the inside and where is the outside...side of the lenses. Yes, it is different. You can see from the edge of the lenses. This monthly basis lenses is comfortable...for most people, but since I have bigger pupil or eye lens or whichever correct, the FL letters (that help beginners know which side it is) bothers me and give me a bit blur, I have to rotate it until it's in the perfect spot, but wherever it is (up down left right) it's still gives me a blur on that part. Also that's why I don't do color soft lenses. The cloudiness wont go away...ever.

My husband use this soft lenses and happy with them, I doesn't bother him at all, they are perfect for long wear more than 8 hours, doesn't dries his eyes, easy to use....after a while (adjustment period for beginners).

When I have money to splurge I go for Lasik.... heehee but before that I'll buy CIBA Dailies which I think is the best dailies for me. Simple, practical, easy to use, they stay moist and hygienic, no over the top feeling like fish eyes, suitable for more than 12 hours indoor or it's all just about the budget for this one.

Like most daily soft lenses the companies made it easy to open the casing, I know it's a waste of casing, but for our eyes it's is more hygienic. About that please always wash hands with proper soap before handling these lenses, eyes are very delicate and important, don't ever clean them in tap water or any other liquid beside those solutions that made for them. In hospital on daily basis patient come in for eye problem and cornea surgery, all because of contact lenses. So be diligent and cleanliness is highly encourages by me.

Acuvue Clear. It's really dry, I'm using it right now for 2 and a half hours and I feel miserable. If you are really on budget and probably have time to keep on using moisture drops and only for 5 hours maximum, then go ahead. But I warned you for the feeling of something thin inserted in between your eye and eyelid, yes, I can feel it and I'm not happy with it. This monthly basis soft lenses has rumored that in some advance country, it is not on the shelve anymore (they don't sell it there).

So that's just about it for now, tell me, what is your favorite soft lenses and why?

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