Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do me Yoghurt

I love Yoghurt, to eat them, to play with it event to bathe with it. They are known for their benefit to our internal organ as to our skin (some even claim hair).

Etude Yoghurt Wash-Off Pack is a mask that seems to give moisture. Sorry, no details on the packaging and it seems that the salesgirls also haven't even try one...or perhaps any of Etude products.

How To Use:
Clean your face properly and after the toner just generously spread a thick milky of yoghurt (gel) mask on to your face. The scent is gorgeous and I just love it. The moisturizing effect is obviously felt on the first touch. Massage the skin well. Use some pressure point on some location but you can just massage it overall. Leave it on for 10 minutes or more if you like.

Clean it with a warm water to rinse of the residue. You'll noticed that your skin is fairer, dewy and moist afterwards.

Great for a relaxation after a day of hectic to soothe the skin or before a date so your skin got a boost of luminous baby glow.

For a Rp.98.000 this Yoghurt Pack come in 4 different fruit mix. Each have a milky fruity scent and color accordingly .

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