Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Volumeade 5

I love lip gloss, especially those who are not sticky, it's a perfect getaway for being natural and sensuous. Now does Etude Super Volumeade gives me that satisfaction? We'll see..

I love the cherry color that I think enhance any skin color since it's look natural reddish. How to use it: After you open the lid twist it on clockwise direction and the bottom part will push the 'jelly' out. There's a scent of mint coming out.

The color itself is subtle and leaves my lips with a soft hint of red. The minty feeling last for 10 minutes, it gives my lip a feeling of swollen (not pain at all okay). The product itself is easy to use but you still need a mirror to do it.

Sticky? Yup, but in a medium range, I found some other lip gloss far more sticky than this one. It does gives my lip more volume and the minty feeling gives my lips a boost of a Jolie sensation.

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