Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Color Smoothing Your Hair

I just color and smoothing my hair yesterday and still not able to wash my hair for the next 2 days. Thursday is my day and I have to use a hair mask and a bunch of hair vitamins so the hair can regain or at least....damage control perhaps?!

The process itself feels like forever, I come around 12.30 noon (whoever think it was midnight should be questioned). After a hair wash, my hair is blow dry until almost all dry and given an anti frizz spray almost evenly, I don't think it was enough thou' but I'm not a pro or maybe I love having more anti frizz spray :)

Then they start putting this white thick cream to my hair, the scent is mild and I'm not complaining at all but during the application sometime my hair got pulled. The stylist finished the white cream section by section avoiding the root. 

After 30 minutes he checked on my hair condition and re-apply the white cream. This time the pulling get worse, not necessarily super painful but each stroke it like pulled my hair one or two strands (boo hoo).

Then after another 30 minutes wait, they washed my hair with warm semi hot water and making sure no (touchable) chemical are left. Then they dry my hair using blow dryer and apply another anti-frizz spray from Makarizo. The flat irons begins now, yes they use two. Familiar method with rebonding. I've done rebonding twice, once in Jakarta and once in Singapore. Both are so different in result, professionalism and of course price.

After about an hour flattening (yes, I know it's straightening but flat is more accurate) my hair and got myself thinking "what do I get myself into?", it seems that the salon didn't use a high quality flat iron so it kept pulling my hair. A very good iron use ion straightening....I know this from my sis and the guy at a pricey salon.

My hair is flat, as you see in the picture. So now left with coloring. I used to hate my double colored hair from the previous color and newly grown hair, so this is an opportunity for me for a new color. I never been brown before. Red? Yes, Purple? Yes, Blonde? Yes, Black? Definitely, Bluish Black? Yup. So brown is my turn now. I love chocolate color and I think it's a hit now.

The application of the color is like usual and it went for about one and a half hour. I love my new color so much. Finishing they wash my hair, again, and blow dry, use some serum for my hair and another round of flattening iron for an hour....it pretty much sums up to 5 hours. 

After 5 exhausting hours of flattening my butt err hair, the stylist told me not to wash my hair for 3 consecutive days....thanks, next time remind me before all of these begins. I can't even stand have to wash my hair less than once a day. I like my hair clean and airy. 3 days is a lot of misery for me.

Take note: During application if the stylist told you the chemical was somewhat touch your neck area and he says it's okay...it's not, I got some rash afterwards on my neck and it could be an allergic reaction to various chemical. Another tips from me, decide on your own which side your hair would fall into, do you like hairs to go sideways or all fall to the back, etc. Don't let strangers decide, you'll regret it like me. When I'm in Singapore the stylist would ask how I like my hair, but yesterday they didn't. So I look like Aaron Kwok 80's style. Yikes!

But overall, I like how tidy my hair now, I know it would need some treatment afterwards, I don't meant salon treatment, my advice buy a good hair mask and do it at home whenever you feel like it. A serum after each shampooing, and to bear for the 3 days fasting? Dry shampoo!

Pic may not belongs to me, I'm not admitting.