Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashionable Jewelry for Charming Ladies

On 27th of May, 2011, I was one of the lucky women to be able to join this wonderful event. The event start around 3.30 PM at Sushi Tei, Gandaria City.

I wore a deep green blouse, since I normally avoid light color since I haven't found one that really fit me nicely. Either too bright or distracting.

Before the MC start the show, I spend my time by looking at their collection. This is one of them, it's a mix between Murano, Swarovsky, Sterling Silver and gold.

Some of their collection shown on the event, do visit their store for a more variety. My favorite? Rose Petal. It really represent a rose garden where's the light green and pinks are a delicacy to the eyes. Pretty!

Each of the guess are entitled for a goodies bag from Female Magazine, filled with many variety of magazines, Irwan Team voucher, and a scarf.

A concoction of all. Do you know that you can mix and match to your heart desire for every beads available on the store? Who said accessories have to be following the trend, design your own thread for a personal trend that fit you perfectly.

While waiting, a hot ocha from Sushi Tei soothe my throat nicely. I'm not well at the moment and so glad to forced myself to the event.

Then the event start with a cheerful voice from the mc. Guest can enjoy a small plate of sushi before the talk show begin. As usual Sushi Tei is the best in Sushi, we never say no for a good sushi.

Then here it is, the talk show hosted by representative from fashion consultant, Female Magazine and Ms. Dian from Lovelinks.

There's a lot of tips for fashionista and the main there of the day is do not afraid of color. Even block color where different color are a mix and match and the result can be fun and inspiring. Like Lovelinks itself the beads can be colorful and well, frightening for me to mix and mismatch but go ahead and you might be surprise to find some color do get along together.

After the talk, I ask some question during Q&A how to take care the beads and the answer is very simple, each purchasing they will hand us a special cloth to wipe the silver material, for other material there's no special treatment needed. The color and quality are made to last.

Then come the fashion show with each model wearing the beads. There are many themes presented from casual, daily activity like working, special event to night use.

Pardon me for being so dark, the lighting is convenient for the eyes there but not to my iPhone.

During the event there's a special promotion, but no worries, just visit the store, they always have something up for you.

The last meal provided is a beef salad and some fruits which I think have the best dressing in the whole wide world....or I ever tested.

Spring Summer collection is fun, light, cheerful and using colors like light green and yellow.

Now I'm gonna redeem my Murano beads that come in Lovelinks goodies bag.

The colors are lovely and bright, I do have difficulty picking just one.

For all of you at home, open up the website of Lovelinks <---- click there, and try arrange a bead on your own. Warning! The actual beads look a lot lovelier.

Here are the participants.


And the show is done at around 6 PM with a lot of fun and information. There are many prizes and giveaway from door prizes, best question, best dresses, and many more. I think it would be more fun if the guest are allowed to take a picture at the beginning of the event (at the banner) with some of Lovelinks creation (lend, not given) so the guest can see how gorgeous those beads are on their skin.

Don't forget to join their Facebook page and Twitter gals ^o^

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