Monday, May 16, 2011

Foaming facial Wash-Nutriganics

Have you tried the new skincare range from The Body Shop available here in Jakarta? Yes, It's Nutriganics. This is the first in the range to be used. Foaming Facial Wash from Nutriganics, you can read more about the ingredients and interlude on my previous post. So this post is all about the first experience.

You can use it twice daily or thrice if you feel need to. The self foaming device is very handy, do you know it's the foam that gently cleans our skin, so always foamed up ^o^

I pumps twice almost every time, the gorgeous scents is just lovely, it's green and calming. My advice? Enjoy this experience every time you use it, remember all the natural oils and ingredients that is good for the skin, so don't hurry, relax and take it easy. Massage your face gently, let it clean every angle, every inch of your skin.

Enjoy the scents while the foam cleanse your skin from daily dirt, debris and sweat. Yes, if you use makeup, especially heavy waterproof makeup, do clean them first using makeup remover then follow with Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash. If you use sunblock, please do double cleansing, so you wash your face two times since the sunblock is a chemical that need extra cleansing.

Enjoy the foam as it is soft and delicate, and rinse thoroughly after you are done. Gently wipe dry your face or simply tap dry and you can feel the smoothness and it feels a bit silkiness on your skin. Your skin will feel fresh too and rejuvenate.

What I like:
The scent, it's fresh yet delicate and the green floral note that's just lovely.
The self foaming packaging
The delicate foam and cleansing property
The assurance that it is Ecocert
The assurance of it is in a Community Trade organic ingredients
The experience of silky skin afterwards.

Will I use it again? Definitely!

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  1. I purchased this Foaming Facial Wash on June when it was launched! :)

    On that day, I also get the tester. The store assistant just said, "Do you want the tester?"

    I thought it's a TESTER, like, TESTER. A small sachet or something. But I got myself sat down in front of the mirror and I got a simple facial routine!

    She washed my face with the cleanser, she gave my face the toner, the Smoothing Serum, and the day cream! Wow! I'm satisfied! Smells good and felt super. My face were glowing, soft, smooth, and happy.

    I purchased the Cleanser for first try and I also bought the toner last week. I'm still using Seaweed Range, but I'll stop because the Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, Mattifying Day Cream, and SPF-ed Face Lotion still use parabens. I commit my self to be parabens-free soon. :)

    Thank you for the review, anyway. :)

  2. Hi Ningrum,

    ha ha that's funny! If I were you I also thought it would be sachets.

    So you got the toner, okay but you do know that seaweeds and nutriganics is quite different, you can still mix and match and see which works best on you, I used to use the tea tree oil cleansing gel and toner, vit c serum and vit E moisturizer (for me that time it's like the best of 3 world) ^o^

    Wow! you are amazing! Fighting the parabens it's like so hard, like most of the stuff we use still parabens-full.... good for you for choosing safe products!

  3. :D Yes, they are (Nutriganics and Seaweed) different. But I've always been searching for the more natural skin care with affordable price and I'm glad it popped out from my lifetime favourite brand: The Body Shop!

    Voila! :D I also try Aloe Soothing Night Cream (works brilliantly), Vitamin E Gentle Cleansing Wipes. I've tried the Tea Tree Clearing Toner but it's not clear for me. In contrary, the small acnes appear suddenly on my cheeks! I have combination skin but really, I should have known better that I never receive anti acne products very well. There's always a little problem with them. Just like Clean & Clear and Biore, I've tried them all when I was younger and there's nothing happened, even somehow I found some blemishes came out. :((

    So now I know my face skin better: I always need a mild product--not an agresive one. Hahaha. :D

    About my parabens-free project: Yeah, it's good for the skin, the environment...parabens-free would be nice! :)

  4. Hi Ningrum,

    Yes, each of us are indeed unique, so stuff that works for some may not works for our individual skin :)

    Yesterday I went on Kiehl's and they remind the guess to know their skin first, what it need and find products that's suits there skin's need.

    I'm also like you, a lot of trial and error in the past heehee.