Friday, May 20, 2011

Crocs Candy on Senayan City

On 19th May 2011, I got an invitation from Crocs for Crocs Candy launching event. As an avid user of Crocs, I think coming down here is just a natural call. Surprisingly all other guest didn't even bother to use their Crocs, it seems like I'm the only one proudly using one of my favorite Crocs.

Crocs Senayan City Level 4

This is the very cute colorful logo of Crocs Candy, for me it's very eye catching and adorable.

Me and my daughter waiting for the event to get started, as always late is a custom here.

The scene of the stage.

Finally, after 6.30 PM the MC, Ms Lupie (sorry if misspelling occurred) start the show with dress by Cynthia Tan and shoe by Crocs Candy.

Then a few words from Crocs Senior Brand Manager about the products, hmm...I suppose a presentation with a slide could interest me more than just words. Bottom line: Crocs Candy is a new product for Crocs 2011 using TPU material that stronger than the previous collection yet still light and more colorful. Transparent colors also seen here and there.

The emphasize is on odor free, chic, stylish, fashionable, and most of all, it's all about feel good revolution.

Then they have a bit of Q&A with representative from Marie Claire, Girlfriend and Crocs for how Crocs Candy will be in the society, trend and consumer. Both Marie Claire and Girlfriend agree that Crocs Candy style and design will match the consumer needs for comfort and eye for colors right now.

Then The Body Shop step on and do a makeup tips how your Crocs Candy suits your look and it's all about color. Do you see all of them on stage are using Crocs Candy?

Then it's time for the guest to participate on the game of dressing-up, where 3 people will give 3 models a look, unfortunately all of them choose casual look, and that gorgeous jacket that I have my eyes on at the props is wasted.

Here are the winners of the game with the judges (from Marie Claire, Girlfriend, and Crocs). They get prizes from The Body Shop, Crocs and Marie Claire, nice isn't it?! These prizes alone have made one over enthusiast guest shame-free.

Then, it's fashion show time with dress from Cynthia Tan, shoes from Crocs, accessories from The Little Things She Needs. Followed by kids Fashion Show which I think have the cutest Crocs Candy of them all ^_^

Then during the roundup this is Ms Cynthia Tan.

All the models with Crocs, Girlfriend, Marie Claire, and The Body Shop.

Last but not least another prize for one of the lucky contestants which is a free Crocs, then the announcement of lucky draw and it's a wrap guys. All guest come home with a goodies bag filled with candy, one very cute Crocs Candy charm, and an old magazine of Marie Claire.

Overal I think the event went very well, cleverly organized, and the product itself which is Crocs Candy deserved to be celebrated.

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