Monday, May 2, 2011

Choosing your magazine

I love beauty magazines, I spent hours on a daily basis just to read on each product details, newly launched, tips for skincare, etc. So to be able to do a review on a product as a tester is my kind of thing.

So when I'm in Singapore, I bought many beauty magazine as well and decided I want to be in a tester circle or be involved in anything regarding them. I've been a reader of Female magazine, Herworld, Cleo, Singapore Women's Weekly, Harper's Bazaar, Amica, and some more. But there's one particular experience I would like to share.

click on the image above to enlarge and read what they printed.

I was lucky enough to do a tester for products in some magazines until my 'tester review' on Herworld Oct 2010, and I'm dissapointed....they changed almost everything. Here's my real review:

- Kiehl's Pore Minimising Lotion (it moisturises and mattifies and is so lightweight, you can use it on top of makeup)

The lotion is too heavy for me, it feels oily and sticky, and perhaps it will be better to be used all in one range like cleanser, toner, and lotion in Khiel’s Pore Minimising Lotion products. I don’t think the product work well on me. (I used it after toner, all over my face)

- Shu Uemura PuRenovate pore perfecting lotion (a serum that you can reapply on your oily T-zone to keep away shine when skin gets oily)

It’s not really working for me either; the lotion itself is quite light but the t-zone is still oily. I put them on after toner and before moisturizing, and during re-apply for me also not comfortable and messed up. (I used it all over my face)

- Ettusais Aqua Splash (a spray with mattifying powder inside to sop up sebum. it replaces a blotter!)

I used it only when the oils on my face started to sprout, the sprayer is really handy but I can’t help it when it also sprayed my eyes and lips where it is not needed. It also leaves some white spots, to tackle it I tap my face with my hands right after spraying to reduce the white spots (but some still ended up on my fingers). It gives my skin a powdery feeling; it doesn’t affect my make up, so for me it can be used anytime I need a matte-effect. I think I’m going to use this one for my daily life since it help to reduce the appearance of oil (less shine and make up stay on longer). I used it on T-zone.

Urban Decay De Slick Spray (a makeup setting mist that controls oil and fixes makeup so it won't smudge),

For me even thou it is said can be used before the foundation I found it better to use after the make up is set. (unlike Ettusais) it doesn’t contain any powder or create a powdery feeling after being sprayed on. The sprayer spray a very wide area (until my hair and neck are sprayed from a 10-15 cm distance). After spraying it on my skin I do feel less oily and help the make up to set and stay on longer (2-3 hours longer compared to using none). And when the oils started kicking in again I just sprayed them on again. I used it overall on my facial skin.

- Vichy Normaderm Stick Concealer (a pimple and blemish concealer that is ideal for oily skin)

The concealer color is quite neutral so it pretty much blends on most of Asian skin. I like that the pen shape is simple and the tip of it is so small, so for me I can use it for the smallest blemish. It gives a bit of matte effect on the area applied; I can use it as a dot or smudge it over for wider area. The concealing effect last twice longer that other product that I used that not specifically for oily skin

-Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder (a compact powder to get rid of oiliness)

I also use it as my facial powder since the neutral color match mine. Usually 2 hours using any other make up the oil on my T-zone are unavoidable, while using this the t-zone oiliness reduce (on the 2 hour mark) and double the timing of how long it last before retouch. So the area become oily after 4 hours of using, and I can easily touch up for my skin to be matte again. (first I apply it overall then for the touch up, only at t-zone)

I was wondered at that time. All the review are made 'good' by them whilst the fact some of the products doesn't work well or even at all on my skin when I already use them accordingly.

Does my journey with Herworld magazine begins there? No. I was a subscriber and I thought I made a right decisions but many glitz were found. I've notice that if you are a winner in one of their contest and perhaps you didn't read the following month that your name was come out as a winner, they might 'forget' to send you the prize. And you would not get your prize. It happen to me one time and almost, several time.

The person in charge for the prize to be delivered in some SPH magazine that I know, her initial is 'D'. I know her direct number since I've been calling her so many times. If you are an avid reader of Herworld, you probably know my name, I've been in Herworld Letters as their winning letters a year ago and at the same time my letter in the Q&A with Patrick about boots. Before this I've been in the winning letters too in other magazine. I know some magazine work differently, but none like Herworld or Female.

I've won something from another magazine by SPH too for sending a recipe and even after the magazine with my recipe is published and month after that I didn't hear a news how to collect the prize, and I kept calling this 'D' until I get mine. Yes, same 'D'.

So back to the Herworld thingy, I though this time, it took a while to for the prize to be collected, so I wait a while then a month later I've called and send emails, a month later many times, some of 'D' colleague who pick up my phone also wonders how come they haven't sent me the letter to collect my prize. Months pass and 'D' told me numerous time she has sent the letters out, she was busy, she will do it next week, she already did (again), she forgot, the sponsor haven't give Herworld the prize, she is out of the office for road show, the courier will come to my house on .... time ... (which wasn't), and other excuses, all of this until 4 months.

I called numerous time after that too since it was difficult to get on to 'D'. The phone either unanswered, busy, or she's out. And one time I spoke to another colleague of her's and I explained everything and she also confuse with the issue. She said she will try to see what's going on. It was a confusing time for me. I just want a clear answer. Is she too busy? forgot? the sponsor forgot? or what? Don't tell me that a courier is coming when it's not, or a letter is sent while it's not. I even call numerous time to the Singapore Post and they trailed the letter from SPH address to mine, which branch it go trough and where it could possibly left behind or fell. Singapore Post take their job seriously and they checked everything. Does 'D' really sent those letters on the numerous times she said it?

After more 4 months (I think it was the 5th going to 6th months), a courier finally really sent to me, one of the prize is changed, 'D' also added a perfume as an apology, and I still didn't get my answer. What happen to the last 4 months?

Is this experience just happen to me? I do not know but one thing for sure, Singapore Women's Weekly and Cleo never let me down. I've done a review for them and yes, they edited for clarity and so it fit on the page (not too long) but my opinion is stated truthfully there. I've also won some sms prizes, they sent me email a month or two after the magazine is published and collect the prize with no problem at all. It's really hassle-free.

Now it gives me a doubt everytime I read Herworld Singapore, is the review there real? Are the products presented there really do what it does? Where all the prizes go if the winner wasn't contacted or know they've won?

I know life is full of puzzle, one thing for sure for me, I would not choose a magazine that gives me more puzzles, I just need info. What is this post for? Just to share my personal experience, I do not hope it happen to you thou'.

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