Friday, April 29, 2011

I Dove It

Recently I just joined a contest in Facebook about Dove Shampoo. You need to 'Like' the I Dove it Facebook page then you can see many photos posted by the fans on it. The idea is to get many voters and liked by the judge since the competition based on 50-50 vote-judge, so it's pretty fair for me.

There are some things that is confusing for me, on the T&C is stated to take a picture with 3-5 of your friends, which means the pic at least have 4 to 6 people, right? but some only have 3 people on the pic taken for this photo competition about sisterhood in Dove.

Well anyway just to be safe I took a pic with 4 of my family and friends, we are all sisterhood in Dove.

If you want to vote for me I really appreciate it, you can search for I Dove It in Facebook page and 'Like' the page first then click on my photo to click 'Like'. Thank you so much and perhaps when I get so many support from here, I'll have another giveaway here ^0^

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