Monday, April 25, 2011

Perfume Oils from The Body Shop

I've been using perfume oils since I knew The Body Shop, pretty much since they entered Jakarta. I love how they take perfume up to the next level. I love perfume, so it's never too much and never have the doubt of using one wherever I go.

Normal sprayed perfumes not suitable to be sprayed directly, it is best to go to the mist as you spray it in front of you, but perfume oil like The Body Shop's can be dab directly to your skin.

For me using perfume oils is more sensual and personal, so I always make sure the scent is not overwhelming and basic. Basic means not a complicated scents, simple fruit or flower or other ingredients such as Sandalwood, Vanilla, etc.

I've used Leap, Vanilla, Dewberry, Satsuma, Strawberry and many more this past 10 years and still can get enough. You can also mixed them up according to your mood or after use the oils on your skin you can spray perfume like usual to add some depth and take the scent-sation even more.

Sometime when I'm bored with my body lotion I add the oils to them and it's just gorgeous. For a Vanilla lover, The Body Shop have its best (IMHO) the scents last the longest.

The thing is perfume oils is seasonal, during their first years they have like almost all the scents that was available on The Body Shop, but now, you can only get what you want if you're lucky enough ^0^ since they keep come and go.

Pic: The Body Shop USA

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