Monday, April 25, 2011

Dove Beauty Moisture

For me a classic Dove would do the trick for the best shower cream that smells great, cleanse well and moisturize my skin. In any day it would be difficult for me to say 'no' to Dove Beauty Moisture. It's like a gift I give to my skin, it feels like I take good care of my skin.

Do you know that moisture plays a very important role in not just keeping our skin pretty but it help protecting the skin from further damage. Aging is one of those but I'm focusing on daily wound. A dry skin is easily break from a simple harmless scratch while skin protected by moisturizer have better resistance. It increase their flexibility to stretch and stand against scratch and many different condition.

Harsh weather like dry or humid, can suck the moisture from our skin. While skin is the outer barrier of our body, it need extra protection so it stay moist. A skin that 'strong' against weather, daily habit, and aging is definitely a healthy skin. And a healthy skin must be beautiful too.

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