Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those Gorgeous Shower Gels

Did you know that The Body Shop have more than 20 shower gels? ♥‿♥ wow!

And for me all their scents just so alluring. Each have their own uniqueness, from fruity, floral, to musk and coconuty.

I really like them since they make my skin clean, soft and smell great ✿◕‿◕✿

More good news is that their EDT collection also have their own shower gels. So you'll never run out of choice. Here is some of my top favorite shower gels:

The Sweet Lemon is well sweet! Instead of the boring lemon, TBS created a lemon that smell fresh and unisex. This has been a favorite for me and my husband. Perfect for an active person who just wants to stay active, or to those who wants a perk up in the morning. The juicy lemon will get your brain to wake up.

I use the Shea during 'dry' time, when my skin feels so dry and need a boost of moistness. It feels delicate and soft. Like when I spends all my time in aircon room, and I need some cleaning that pampered my skin. The scent also so soft.

I know Fuzzy Peach from their EDT long time ago and now they are back. It's just bring back all those memories when I'm still a junior high school girl. The smell is so fruity. Yums! Perfect for young girls and all those who are young at heart.

This exotic scent of Mango is delicious. I tell myself not to lick it when I use it. Perfect for a getaway in a tropical island, it makes you get in the mood. One thing for sure, I love how TBS is experimental on their shower gels, I never get bored, they always have something new on their sleeve, and makes me wonder, when TBS will create Pineapple shower gels? Slurp!

This is my girl's fave one. The pinkish color is lovely. The scent is not strong like I imagine it would be. It's a mix between fruity and citrus. If you don't like lemon for being to citrus-ey or peach for being too fruity, perhaps Pink Grapefruit is your thing.

It's my most top notch gorgeous scents of all time with TBS is here.♥‿♥ I love Moringa and just can't get enough of it. It is sensual, feminine, delicate yet the scent linger on and on. I feel like I'm in Hawaii or other Polynesian island surrounded by hula girls. It's really sexy!

Famous for it's natural properties that promote good healthy skin, TBS present you with Olive. The scent is definitely not fruity nor floral, but got that nuttiness from Olive. It's not my all time favorite but there are moments when I want to use it. Like when I want to give my skin extra nourishing and care.

For me Strawberry is screaming with "Girls who just want to have fun". It is so fruity and girly in every drop.

These are just some of my favorite, you have to find yours, I bet in every scent (or more) there's a fan that just waiting to indulge themselves in.

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Images from TheBodyShop Australia website

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