Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme SPF 15

Data from the website:


For a more lifted look

Firms and smooths skin


Dry or Very Dry Skin and I got the Normal/Combination one

Brings your skin a more lifted, firmer look and a fresh, rejuvenated glow—faster than ever.

This highly effective moisturizer starts working right away to deliver the multiple benefits mid-life skin needs:

More Lift.

  • Speeds advanced lifting and firming benefits to your skin.
  • Minimizes the look of lines and wrinkles.
  • Exclusive ExtremeLift³ Complex helps amplify skin's own natural collagen production.
  • Helps firm up the appearance of sagging and emphasize tighter-looking contours.

More Radiance.

  • Instantly infuses skin with super-energized nutrients.
  • Skin that was dull and lifeless immediately takes on a vivid radiance.

More Moisture.

  • Advanced hydrating blend of lipids, proteins and more delivers rich, lasting moisture.
  • Instantly feel a welcome surge of relief from that uncomfortable tightness.

See more lift.
Feel firmer.

Choose the Resilience Lift Extreme creme right for your skintype:

  • Dry Skin creme is richly nourishing.
  • Very Dry Skin creme is even more emollient and intensively nourishing.
Again mine is for Normal/Combination skin type.....which is my skin type, how come it's not on their website?!


  • Apply every AM after your Repair Serum.
  • At night, we recommend Resilience Lift Extreme OverNight Ultra Firming Creme.
  • Both include a gentle sunscreen to provide effective SPF 15 protection.


  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Non-acnegenic

My review:

I use it during my 11 days trip to Europe for a winter getaway. Yes, it is a getaway not a holiday, for me a holiday is legit after more than 2 weeks.

It was creamy as it creme de la creme would be. Looks heavy and thick. The color is a mix between milk. nude and a very pale pink (which is very thin). the smell is rather heavy for me, but I've used Estee Lauder before and my mum also a user, so it's a distinctive signature scent of Estee Lauder may I say.

As my finger touch it I feel it is a bit (like teeny tiny) difficult to scoop it, a small spoon would do the trick, and when it glide on my skin guess what?! It melt like a soft snow on my skin. Isn't it lovely? Who would have guess a seemly thick creme could change into liquid within a touch. It absorb so easily and to my surprise no oily effect afterwards.

Usually during my winter holiday my skin scream for being too dry, my make up blur and it feels awful, like cracking here and there. With Ultra Firming Creme it feels like my skin stays on tropical island where humidity is their best friend. It is so moist and dewy all day long. And the SPF 15 is another level for protection. The sun rays can bounce on snow you know, so always use a good sun protection wherever you are.

Now for the lifting effect....hmm I'm still 30 so there not much to lift (no objection on this, please) but still my skin looks firmer than before I use the creme. For the radiance? It glows. The pic above is my sis and I, we both use Estee Lauder Resilience Lift Extreme Ultra Firming Creme SPF 15 and our skin look and feel great! It feels comfortable. Don't you just love a smooth holiday?

Pic of the product belongs to EsteeLauder.com
Pic of me and my sis belongs to me....and my sis.

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