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You've Got To Start From Level One

In anything you do in this life it have to start from level one, it's like the beginning of everything. It's a beginning, a new start, it's a new experience, it's like Level One from Grand Indonesia.

Let see the 'definition' of Level One:

Launched at the beginning of June 2010, LEVEL ONE was established by Grand Indonesia Shopping Town (GIST) to become a pioneering breakthrough in both retail business and Indonesian fashion scene. The neighborhood consists of 22 shops that host 28 brands of various fashion and lifestyle products. Also included in LEVEL ONE are a café, a charity store that sells merchandises that once belonged to certain Indonesian celebrities, and a space in which various exhibitions and presentations can take place.

LEVEL ONE is inhabited by young Indonesian designers---of fashion, accessories, furniture, and photography---whose ideas are very promising but their creative enterprises are yet to mature and still on the lookout for bigger stages on which they can show what they have to offer. GIST answered this call and devoted time to review the prospective brands based on the strength of their concepts, visions, and designs and on how determined and ready they are to achieve their goals.

Set in an area that stretches as wide as 2,700 m² at East Mall level 1, LEVEL ONE has a shop dedicated for every participating brand. The shops’ façade is uniform, but their interiors are left entirely to each tenant’s creativity, thus providing them with an opportunity to construct a space in which their ideas, designs, and products could properly fit.

As LEVEL ONE is PT Grand Indonesia’s way of doing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the company doesn’t stop at providing mere space for these designers, but also cooperate with them in every way possible to better promote and market their products and manage their businesses.

Ultimately LEVEL ONE is the youthful part of GIST that aspires to be a hip meeting point and melting pot of local creativity. It serves to nurture and facilitate the creativity and independence of young Indonesian talents. And most significantly, it is an inspiration for many young Indonesians to realize their creative capacity.

(Both above and below data from Level One Facebook Info)

Which stores included in Level One:
LEVEL ONE is: 16DS | Abacus | Alibi | Ciel | Cocomomo | Damn! I Love Indonesia | Danjyo Hiyoji | Deer | Eightshop | Foot Republic | Geulis | Happa by Mel Ahyar | Harrington Home | House of Jealouxy | Hunting Fields | Ichwan Thoha | Kaligula | Kamali & Lane | KLÉ | LOMOGRAPHY by Lomography Embassy Store | Magic Happens | Mimsy | Monday To Sunday | MYE | Naima | No'om and No'mi | Nur Zahra | Picnic | Plastic Culture | Rebel For A Cause | Robinet | Rock And Rose | Satcas | Saint And Sinner | Silla Home | Soe.Hoe | Tik Shirt | Tick Tock | Tosavica | Venom | Wondershoe

Impressive isn't it?! (Picture belong to Grand Indonesia website) Grand Indonesia is a high end mall that I believe one of the biggest and grandest mall in Jakarta. The combination of mall, hotel, private residence and office makes it a powerful place to be. In the mall itself, it have all the 5 star amenities and service such as nursery and disable toilet, stroller and wheelchair service for those who need. The mall itself have a fabulous layout and interior design, it's hard not to be proud and feel the awesomeness just to have Grand Indonesia in our country.

The richness of culture is drawn here and there, look at the details below.

These pictures are taken by my sister and her friends.

In various places inside Grand Indonesia.

Now they are adding a whole new value and gain more respect for dedicating Level One for what considered as 'young' Indonesian talent. Where other malls only put the benchmark on branded items from abroad, Grand Indonesia answer the call as being the Grands of Indonesia.

Done with the interlude? Let's go to Level One!

Scenes 'inside' Level One area.

It looks like there always something goin' on here in Level One.

Like on almost every store in Level One, they'll put the logo of Level One and the picture of the designer/s. Which is interesting and makes you feel closer to them when you understand or like their designs.

How about the atmosphere in Level One? It was lovely, dynamic,fun, colorful, and in the same time there's a sense of warmth and gratitude in the air, for a luxurious mall, I don't feel a distance, I feel the spirit of Indonesia that loves to gather around, greet each other and enjoying moments together. It's something that you usually feels when you're going back home to your big extended family. Where there's always something new happening but you feel like you are a part of them, and it's exciting.

I see many youngster here ^o^ and they have a great time with their friends. It's a perfect place to hang-outs, family to enjoy themselves, kids to have a new experience on 'local' creations, it's a new feeling where a taste of Indonesia is presented.

Picture from Damn!I love Indonesia, where batik goes beyond.

Don't get me wrong it's not just about Kebaya and Batik, you'll be surprise how creative they are, their inspirations come from many places and beyond sense of time. Yes, some of them inspired with the latest trend from the runway and the rest of the world, but you can be sure, the idea and/or creations was theirs and I can say I'm proud to bring guess from abroad to see what Level One can offer.

I love Tick Tock for their bold design, I was in awe looking at those big clock, makes me feel like I'm in a wonderland with those funny odd looking clock, and many tits and bits there to decorate your home with. It's just unique. Do you see the picture above? If you think that is out of the ordinary, wait until you see the rest of the store inside. You gotta check the gas station's clock!

I'm also enjoying myself at Abacus for their big colorful necklaces, shoes and many more. Do you know there are 6 designer in Abacus?! They sell shoes (Naima), (eight), bags (Cocomomobags), and many many more accessories from other designers.

Then TOSAVICA maiden for their minimalist, simple yet exquisite design, deer for being so pretty, and oh really, I can go on and on and on about Level One. They also have Lomography, which is so happening right now. You'll found your favorite in Level One I have no doubt about it. And on some occasion (that I'm really fond of), you can meet the designer or owner there, so for me it's more personal and it add another value.

So instead of looking at other talent, why not give these wonderful local 'artist' a chance. Do you know why those famous branded goods from Italy or U.S.A or Japan or wherever they are got really famous now? They are supported by their own people.

This is the calling for all of us Indonesian to support our 'young' talent and embrace this new beginning. Give them a chance and see what they got and what they can be someday. What are you waiting for, come to Level One at Grand Indonesia today and have a blast of fun... Indonesian style.

DO join Level One Facebook page, Twitter for Level One and Grand Indonesia, you won't want to missed a thing.

Pictures of the stores taken above belong to

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