Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh those nasty feet!

This post is dedicated for those people with stinky feet, haha! Sorry, I used to be one of those people and my sis too, sorry sis, didn't meant to spill your beans here. Relax, I know there's many of you, no need to be shy it's one out of two you know, so some of you may admit it while the rest didn't :D joking!

Okay, now for the last couple of years, yes, I have lived that long, I've tried many things, solutions, of whatever possible come across my mind and affordable, I know there's this surgery that will surely work but come one! It is too expensive. So these things you can easily find in your daily life....convenient isn't it?!

Kiwi Fresh'in, I got them sponsored, so freebies for me!
The product can easily be altered, so just cut them according to your size and put it inside your shoes, yes closed shoes makes odor worse, so they are fragrant. When I use them for the first time it was fragrant, but the mix between my sweat and the fragrant and the odor, it's just, yucky! It doesn't last more than 5 perhaps so I have to keep changing them and I hate the mixed smell of it afterward. One more thing, since it is a sole you put inside your shoe/flats/whatever, it made the shoe feels tighter and sometime too tight and unwearable.

I also used many essentials oils put inside a warm slightly hot pail of water (kills those germs with the heat, haha! Not suggesting thou') and drop these oils...a drop, two, more when I'm upset, and dip my feet in. Soak them like a good 15-30 minutes and depends on the quality of the oils and the type, you can use eucalyptus oil, peppermint, mint, lavender, etc. But I found eucalyptus oils to be the best, next is tea tree oil, it immediately reduce the smell of the feet and last around a week, so you need to do it like once a week. So again the effectiveness depends on the quality of the oils. There 's like a lot of brand out there, my suggestion, get the oils from producers that are well known and got those certificate for being real.

Scholl's Active Deo that claimed to have 24 hour protection against odor, and this is the last product I bought...that cost me money and it didn't work. Yup, it didn't work. I does have a mediocre nice citrus scents but it made my feet slippery and after like 2-3 hours the odors come back. My sis have the same experience. Again the mix between the scent and the odor plus the slippery effect it's just wrong, dude! I stop using it after couple days of attempt and try to figure it out the best way to use it. I rarely use sock, since I use flats, and actually I don't need odor control when using socks and this product best used with socks and it wouldn't be slippery, but for me, I don't use socks for my flats, so? You can use it if you use socks and shoe, but the mix of the scent and the odor is definitely not my thing.

Clean your feet is the best way to remove odor? Sometime if you peel all those outer skin from your feet. I used this Japanese product called Milky Foot, it is pricey but it does help, not just the odor is gone (until the skin is piling up again like couple of months) my feet also become so smooth and soft to the touch, almost like a baby's feet. Almost! Not really like a baby's feet that is so smooth. The downside is when your odor already back and the skin on your feet is still to thin to use this product again. I don't like using those hard things/sharpy/ whatever that need rubbing the dead skin away, for me Milky Foot is better since the difficult part in between fingers also removed.

Positive side: It work plus you got a smooth, soft and prettier feet afterward
Negative: pricey and you can't keep peeling all those dead skin away, your feet can feel sore for being to thin on the skin.

My best found solution: TEA BAGS!!!

They are cheap cheap cheap and work work work well :D (super big grin).
How: Drop some tea bags on a pail of hot water, like 2-3 tea bags (any brand you can found, the cheaper the better....kidding, but seriously just a normal tea bag will do, no need green tea, jasmine, Dilmah, etc)
Wait until the tea mixed with the water or the water turns to you know...tea color... then pour some cold water until the water is bearable to be dip in or for kids (yes, they can) use lukewarm water. Soak your stinky feet inside and relax. It help when you watch TV during it or magazine, or have a face mask, know whatever you can think of. Soak like 15-30 minutes and dry them, or take a shower, or again up to you, the odor is gone.....for a week or so heehee. But you have a solution there, no more odor, no slipperiness, no stuffy shoe, it's just odor-free. It's cheap, easy and it work. Do it regularly like once a week and you are free from embarrassment every time you need to take off your shoe in public places. helps on other area too, just soak more tea bags in a bath tub and dip your self in it.

Credit: products image from Google Image Search.

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