Tuesday, May 31, 2011

La Bella Beauty Salon

A new beauty salon just open up in Jakarta Barat area near Golf Lake Resident. for a full month of June 2011 they will have a 50% off for ALL treatment. Yesterday I got smoothing and color for Rp 350.000 plus 2,5% tax for using credit card ( I know, a bit boo hoo for that). 

This 5 floor building is ready up to their 3rd floor with many service for hair, face and body. You'll love the 3rd floor where bathtubs (not just one but three), shower rooms, sauna and treatment room is available. 
Do a creambath here lying down and dozing off is possible -.- comfy to the max. 

My stylist have a very good knowledge in terms of hair treatment so he provide me with a bunch of tips how to take care your hair and the do's and don'ts. And not like other beauty salon where they force you to a bunch of treatment or styling you don't need, he gives me what is best for my hair. My hair need time so a bunch of products and chemical in the same time will damage my hair and a bunch of treatment wont help either, his advice? Take your time....Splendid!

For the body and facial treatment you'll noticed that they have an advance technology like Radio Frequency, Microdermabration, and the facial treatment ranged from regular, intense, Gold facial, and many more. 

So get those 50% off and have a YOU time ^0^

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