Monday, May 16, 2011

Nutriganics Refreshing Toner

The next in the range is Nutriganics Refreshing Toner which prepares the skin for moisturization. The scent is also gorgeous, fresh and green. The liquid feels a bit rich, I can't say it is a gel but not very watery too. The color is clear and feels silky.

Best to be used after cleansing your face with Nutriganics range too. Many pros and cons about toner, and I read it in Yahoo couple days ago that toner is unnecessary...well, yes if you need it solely for the pores. Nutriganics toner contain ingredients that calm and refresh the skin, not only for cleansing properties but softening the skin too for the serum and/or moisturizer can penetrate better.

I found two ways to use this product, the first one would be damp a cotton ball/sheet with enough amount of toner for your face. Gently swipe them to catch residue leftover from cleansing step, again gentle wipe is enough, not a stroke is needed. I read a review that the toner causes some white-ish residue, for me? It can easily be solved by the gentleness of the swiping. Yes, if you're in a hurry, the toner won't have enough time to absorb and it need time to go into your skin lower layer, so be patience and do it gently. A firm and slower motion is enough, no need to be too slow.

Or you can put it into your palm, then dab it on your skin, use both palm and firmly dab your cheek area first in upper motion, then your forehead again with your palm, then your nose and chin. Tap for a better absorption then use your palm to gently wipe the cheeks, then forehead area, then use the finger for nose and chin until the toner is distributed evenly. Again, if you rush, there will be white-ish residue, so a gentle firm wiping gesture is needed.

What I feel afterward? The skin feels refreshed, toned, smooth and silky, and again the scents is lovely and saying: I'm ready! Give me a moisture now to complete the set.

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