Monday, April 29, 2013

Laneige Water Bank Essence

Hello gorgeous!!!

I want to introduce one item which is beneficial for all skin type and can be added to any skincare routine.


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Product Benefits

- A 24-hour long-lasting moisture essence that contains mineral water for skin regeneration and Water Pump System for moisture circulation to safeguard skin moisture and hold it in to leave the skin moisturized and smooth.
- Instantly dampens the skin with ample moisture and forms a natural moisture barrier on skin surface to protect the moisture that is in the skin.
- Contains chestnut extracts and seaweed extracts to enhance keratin turnover to fight roughness and energizes the skin for a smooth and healthy texture.

How to Use

1. After using the emulsion, release about a hazelnut-sized amount.
2. Gently spread from the center of the face towards the contours.
3. Cover the entire face with both hands to enhance penetration.


Yes, it's Laneige Water Bank Essence, a product which I think is already so famous out there and deserve the credit on it's own for being so cool. Cool as in, it is cooling when hydrating the skin ^__^


The products details are available inside the packaging when you purchase it and fret not, it's a very simple product to use. I use it right after serum or before moisturizer. But when using the whole package from Laneige, it was used after emulsion.


This is the product, somewhat lighter than moisturizer and looks creamier than most serum. It's like a dew. Light blue in color, feels so light on the skin and actually a bit like snow. When it's melted on the skin, in an instant the skin responded and drink it all up. I feel the lovely hydrating effect and enjoy the feeling of damp skin and suppleness.

It seems like the product is searching for the dry cells of the skin and boost the hydration level almost instantly.


I've used it with so many other brands of products, from cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer, so far it work perfectly fine matched with others. Suitable for those looking for a hydration somewhere in their skincare routine, oh well, we all do. Dry skin, normal, oily, all of us may have a benefit from the Water Bank Essence, the product deliver hydration and nothing else. Yet, hydration alone is needed for keeping the skin healthy, young, and safe from external aggression.

A moist skin stands through stretch, sun, heat, friction and aging way better than the dry one. Dehydrated skin will easily breaks, wrinkles, irritated and loose its firmness and get sagged. So, never forget to hydrate the skin from within, drink 8 glasses of water per day, eat a lot of fruits and veggies, and use a proper skincare daily to keep it moist from outside.


Thank you Laneige Indonesia ^___^ the Water Bank Essence gives me a juicy hydration everyday without any stickiness, oily feeling, nor greasy effect. Full pleasure all the way.


  1. Arghhhh pengennnn >_<

    Thanks for reviewnya ^_^

  2. pengeeennn~ cocok buat oily skin gak ya??
    wah harganya mahal banget, itu di counter? di Korea cuma 28000Won -__-

  3. Hi Iqbal,

    Ongkirnya kan belum hehe. Yah maklum lah, belum lagi tax dan urusan BPOM.

    So far mereka bilang all skin type, karena prinsip mereka semua kulit butuh hydration.