Monday, April 15, 2013

Vitamin Science Vita Advanced Whitening Multi Facial Gel

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How's your weekend? Mine is busy slash exciting slash comforting slash unique all at once haha! And on times like those I'm glad I have weekend to sort out multiple stuff all at once. And I have the chance to see which products that have been lying around and used all these times yet, haven't been reviewed.



A Multi-functional facial gel enhances whitening, moisturizes, calms and relieves irritated skin.


Using your fingertips, smooth a suitable amount of Multi Facial Gel onto your face and pat gently. Use after Vita Advanced Whitening One Step Cleanser or Vita Whitening Moist Cleansing Wash. Apply to dry skin immediately after cleansing your face.


Yes, it's the Multi Facial Get from Vitamin Science. The Vita Advanced Whitening Multi Facial Gel is a clear gel in texture with lovely fresh fruity floral scent without any heaviness or musky or anything too much. Like a fresh cut pear. I can use it with any brand of cosmetics out there since the product is so light, absorbed on the skin almost instantly and multi-function.

May be used as a serum and alone (as moisturizer too). I use it as an all over serum. Face and body.


The product gently soothes the skin and gives enough hydrating effect for day time. Since I have dry skin, I need a moisturizer after the gel day or night. I see their 'whitening' system as a product that reduce redness and irritation, so the skin appears fairer,

One unique features, the Multi Facial gel helps moisturizer absorb better, and somehow seems to work better as well. I don't know how to explain this, the gel also clearly beneficial for the body skin too. I love using Body Butter but like maybe all of us in hot and humid climate understand that butter+heat=sticky or slippery.

Using Multi Facial Gel prior upon body butter/ lotion/ any moisturizer and get that lovely sensation on the skin where the leftover is minimum. Hopefully it means the skin gets more nutrients than just used alone (moisturizer/body butter/lotion). 

Overall, I see this as a universal beauty product which is beneficial for the skin as it reduce discomforts in several ways. Reducing sensitivity, irritation, and helps other products to be 'accepted' better by the skin. Facial skin and/or body skin. I've used it for my family members as well and so far everyone is a fan of the light texture and hydrating effect without ANY stickiness.

As someone who tries so many products out there in the market there are some products that do bring unwanted reaction from the skin which may develop not 1-2 hours after usage, or even 1-2 days, sometime they do appears 1-2 weeks after the usage. Multi Facial Gel calms the skin in a way as a preventive and solution for me. I think it is one of a must have item in the beauty world.

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