Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Clear Stick in Natural and Radiance

Hello lovelies,

I got this very cute BB Stick in huge size, I can sing with it  . . .


Haha!!! No lah! It's just a container for 2 BB Stick from Maybelline which actually I used for Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) makeup challenge in January 2013 (HERE).


Clear Smooth BB Stick

Get the 8 benefits plus shine-control in one stick.

  • Satu stick memiliki segalanya!
  • 8 manfaat BB dikombinasikan dengan bedak anti-shine, mengontrol minyak berlebih dan bebas kilap hingga 12 jam, melindungi dengan SPF 21+++, dan praktis dalam bentuk stick


Now, a review on the product, exclusively \^0^/ I got two, the Natural and Radiance. The Natural fits me perfectly and I thought that would be the one and only shade for me, later on I found out I can use any of them as the shade does blends on me.


The Natural on the left and Radiance on the right side.


The BB Stick looks like a chubby lipstick, plumped and smooth. The texture is pleasing and suitable most for those with normal-oily skin.


I swipe each on my cheeks. Left cheek with Natural, right cheek with Radiance.

The Radiance gives me a light tan skin effect while the Natural looks like my own skin type. Easily blend all over, the texture is smooth, like using butter on the skin without the greasy effect, in fact, it gives the skin a mattefying effect that will be drying the skin in the long run. So, use it wisely and never goes to bed without cleaning the skin from makeup (ANY makeup).


Above is swatch on the hand which perhaps may give you a clearer view. Always use a proper skincare before using any makeup, so the skin stays moist, supple and nourished while the makeup above gives the skin a flawless finish and less imperfection. The BB Stick also gives the skin protection from the sun around 5 hours. Also covers redness, fine lines, large pores, and dark spots. The result is a velvety even toned skin that last for hours and hours.



The BB Stick is fun to be used, easy and for me fool's proof. It was easily blend on the skin with fingers alone. I can use as little or as much as I want, just keep swiping it or dabbing it on the areas needed some covering. Buildable without any cakey or thick feeling. I use a loose powder afterwards and that's it! The base is pretty much set. As mentioned above the product kept the skin matte, which is drying for the skin in the long run, so I use it when I need the makeup to stay intact in a certain condition like busy day or especially outdoor when I sweat a lot and sebum comes. And pampers the skin after usage by properly cleans it and gives hydrating moisturizer during the night all the way 'til morning.

The stick also not messy like other form of BB Cream where tube, jar or bottle sometime does. Handy to be carried and user friendly.

Have you try one yourself?


  1. Hi, I ever once used that stick and just about to review it in comparison. Based on my experience and few of my friends who ever used that, they all said the same, "It is yielding acne on our face..." :(

    Tough I am a fan of Maybelline brand, I couldn't apply that stick anymore on my face. Instead, I'm more convenient using Caring BB cream. Wish you mind to visit my blog after I make a post about that.

    Thanks and salam kenal... :D

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Sorry to hear that, so far me and my friends haven't experience any problem with acne :(