Friday, August 24, 2012

Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner

Hi all!

How are you all? It's been a while, I know, I just got back from a Summer Trip in Japan. It was wonderful and well, I don't want to go back, haha! They have gazillions of beauty products that need to be explore ^0^

And I bring my Anna Sui's along for a review there. But let me show you a pic of one of Anna Sui's store in Rinku, Osaka.

Inside is Anna Sui's fan dream come true, bags, clothes, wallets, attributes, and yes, more bags! I just get off a red eye flight and half awake, still trying to cope the level of my consciousness above sleeping mode and when I saw Anna Sui purple signs, I'm fully awake. Sorry, no pics inside the store . . . it is not recommended.

In Rinku, you can easily get discounted price on Anna Sui's item, but boo hoo no cosmetics nor any beauty products found there, fret not, I brought mine courtesy of Anna Sui Indonesia (thank you so much) and here is the review.

Details from

Gorgeous. Bold. Captivating. Pure definition and vivid color to
frame your eyes.

• A sebum and smudge-resistant film-forming base formula blends in High-Fix Polymer (highly adherent to skin) and fixes drawn
lines in place.

• Water-resistant and only removed with warm water
upon cleansing.

Comes in 3 colors: black, purple (always expect purple from Anna Sui) and brown.

This is the products and it's me using it. The clicking pen is user friendly, create a bold black (since mine is black) without any hesitation. At first the brush is white when it was first opened and a few clicks the 'ink' will starts to distributed, slowly play with it for a while by brushing it at the back of my hand before application directly to the eyes.

Careful not to put too much pressure. The 'ink' got to my eyes by accident and I didn't feel a sting and easily can be cleaned through the tears. With tissue and cotton bud the mess is easily cleaned. I put it below and above the eyes and it stays there all day. It doesn't smudge but careful thou' during sopping sweat it is warm and acts like warm water and some that touches the warm sweat will melts away.

I found that a good loose powder will helps the lids to stay drier longer and don't rub or wipe your eyes ya, it will affect the look. And during application wait for the eyeliner to be dried before opening the eye completely. Now, as I've tried the black, I really want to try the purple tone as well.

At the end of the day as I went to Spa World (Osaka), of course there are warm water everywhere, the eyeliner are gone as easy as they claimed, a simple warm water cleans it all, so I don't look like a panda in the spa heehee.

Overall, I really like the product since it is safe for the eyes, doesn't create a sting and the color is super black and the texture is very liquid which is very user friendly, I do need to practice a bit but easily get used to it thanks to the super fine and manageable brush. Remember to swipe it over at the back of the hand before applying directly to the eyes to make sure an even line of eye liner. Easily build up for deeper tone (but rarely needed as the black is bold enough).

Proven not to smudge the whole day through the heat and humidity of Osaka in August, water resistant? Yes, when the water temp is low ^__^


  1. Hmm so that should mean it wasn't waterproof? I thought waterproof means even when u wash ur face, it wont budge? U need to use oil makeup remover? Sorry not to say anything bad. I love your review n anna sui! Just confuse is all :)
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  2. Hi Rosdiana,

    In which part did I mentioned it was waterproof? Water resistant is not the same with waterproof.

    Always remember that every product has a limit to a certain degree of usage.

    And if you like my blog you can simply be a follower, I don't see any point where I have to "join" just to be "join" back.