Wednesday, August 8, 2012

YSL Seibu Flagship Counter Opening

Welcome to Yves Saint Laurent newest flagship counter in Seibu Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Complete with the whole products of Yves Saint laurent Beaute and you'll love spending times here with the glamorous look of all those colors and gold on a black counters.

One arrays caught my eyes, the lipsticks, drools ^0^ fascinating! Imagining myself having these complete colors . . . I'll stay home and for days keep looking at them LOL

And then the perfumes, hmm, they smell soooo good. Luxurious, bold and definitely lovable.

Do I still need to comment on this pic? Just look at it and awe.

Beside the fixed counter, for a limited time there are stands for promoting YSL and get special promo and consultation from the staffs.

This is my sis, we get to play with some of the products as well, her lips are in purple shade (above) and it is sparkly purple. I really like it, it is unique. And (below) she is using the cheek blush with a pink lipstick afterwards, I guess she is more of a peachy pink than bold sparkling purple.

Then followed by some snacks, more like a tea time at Beauty Lounge.

I got this delicious chocolate cupcake and did you see my nails? Yes, another YSL product.

Here are some pics of me at YSL

Don't forget to come to YSL counter at Seibu, you won't missed it, they are right near the entrance of Seibu.

Nail color (above) I'm using Corail Colisee, which is a coral and my sis (below) using the Nail Laque in Pop Art, which is red. I love the coral shade so bad.
The liquid did dry fast, at least faster than OPI but you still need to wait around 10 minutes before touching hard objects.

Check out their gifts for customers.

And the latest perfumes.

And here we are, the beauty bloggers invited for the event and the goodies bag we've received.

Au revoir!

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