Sunday, August 26, 2012

My YSL Forever Youth Liberator Experience

Hi all!

After using the products for almost 3 weeks and I guess the whole set given to me could last for a month (thank you so much Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia XOXO) I can give you my review now ^__^ but please do read my previous post HERE regarding the product's details and information.

Now, let's start with the review, shall we?!

The foaming cleanser. Over the periods of time using it I still didn't get used to it yet. It still didn't give me the 'clean' feeling I like. Not that squeaky clean feeling, more to the fresh feeling of cleanliness.

Somehow the foam like creating a film on the skin, it was lovely alright and the perfume as well, very much pleases me, but I need more freshness of a clean feeling. But, if anyone looking for a beautiful cleanser with more pretty pretty scent and delicateness, delicate skin condition and delicate cleansing suitable for even the sensitive skin, it's your match ^__^

Then I use my own toner/lotion (depends on the skin condition at the moment) before applying this gorgeous serum.

The one that really get my attention. A very lovely serum that feels pampering the skin from the moment it touches my skin. Oh yes, before moving on please do view some videos from YSL on how to apply each product correctly, they do have some procedures to make the products works better and optimal.

Click --> HERE and enjoy the presentation. Personally I think the videos are relaxing and enjoyable to be watch than watching me demonstrate them to you haha!

Okay, how do I feel from using the serum?

Comfortable is definitely my first reaction, the lovely pinkish gel is like my skin's best friend, no, lover. It pampered the skin in a way that I can see the result by days of using it. The skin become smoother, more hydrated and plumps too. I'm not gonna says that I get younger by using it, but time feels stop and the skin doesn't age.

The serum (and the whole set) looks more visible during stress and unusual condition. I traveled to Japan 2 weeks ago and the night flight gives my skin a dry condition. Do you know that the humidity level when the plane is way up there is only 20%? That's drier than the Sahara. So that's why the skin gets really dry.

Using a very good and rich formula will help the skin to cope on dryness. But the moisturizer aren't as moisturizing as I hope it would be, we'll get there later. So I use other moisturizer with this serum that offers more hydrating effect and it works just fine.

I did a mistake thou' during the flight I clean my face with wipes (a big no no) as the wipes dries my cheeks, causing them to be more sensitive and irritated. And it causes me a bit discomfort as well for the next few days. Again, these conditions proven how the serum helps my skin gains it suppleness.

Highly recommended and can be use with other brand and/or range of series.

Next in line is the eye creme.

Also one of my favorite eye cream out there. It was delicate and eye friendly. Not heavy and not sticky. Usually anti aging eye cream feels so heavy and thick. After applying the eye's become greasy and worst, some of the cream gradually goes into the eye, causing irritation and discomfort. Forever Youth Liberator Eye Creme is wonderful. So easy to absorb and doesn't glide all over the eyes. Safe to be used around the delicate eyes.

Makeup also undisturbed whatsoever. Eye shadow, liner, etc works on just fine. Proving how they absorbed and stays protecting the eye's area without greasiness and leftover. My eyes looks fresher and smoother.

Perfect for those looking for eye cream that gives more benefit than fuss.

Last, but definitely not last, the moisturizer.

Like mentioned on my previous post the velvety smooth cream is not oily at all. In fact I actually need more hydration, so for me, it is suitable more as a day cream than night cream. The positive think about the cream is that I love how it made my skin stays true to itself.

After using the cream I use my sun protection, makeup base and so on, it doesn't create an unwanted grease. So everything feels light, hmm, an anti aging cream that feels so light is like a dream come true. It's rich alright but doesn't feel piling up my skin nor oiliness.

Overall, using all of these products does give me a fresher looking skin, better complexion and smoother look.

Well, a picture will meant more than just words :D so here it is:

This is me after using the YSL Forever Youth Liberator products constantly for the past few weeks. The picture is real, unedited at all. I love my complexion, glow, radiant and even thou during the trip I suffer from lack of sleep (I really like traveling, so usually I went to bed around 1 AM and wakes up around 6 AM exploring the new world means more outing than sleeping), heat (summer in Kansai is really hot alright), humidity, and sweats a lot with those exercise (walking and taking public transportation, nope, I'm not joining any tour, it's all free and easy), and many more traveling condition, I can clearly say, my skin looks great!

Thank you Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia and you for reading my post, hope it helps and see you on my next posts \^0^/


  1. waaaa nice post cie ^^
    jd ngiler sama eye cream nya *w* bisa utk dark circle ngga ya itu?

    please kindly join my giveaway ^___^ thanks

  2. Hi Xiao Vee,

    Depends on the severity of the dark circles and the causes as well, stress, hormones, genetics, etc. If you have enough sleep, balance diet and healthy daily habit, perhaps you want to try improving the blood circulation of the area affected. Regularly massage a small roller ball will usually help, and the cream works for the skin, helps smoothen and moisturizes.

  3. Hi, Clevergirl, nice review for YSL Youth Liberator :)

    I've only been using the product for a month and it does make my skin smoother and more glowing. The important thing is the product is so light on the skin, so that you don't even feel you're using it :)

    One thing I want to ask, as you mentioned in the post, you have traveled to Japan, did you bring the serum with you? Is it allowed to bring the serum to Japan?

    I'm going to Japan next week and I'm bit worried for the serum, I want to bring it but not sure if it's allowed or how to bring it.

    Thank you for your answers and once again, nice review :)

  4. Hi fujiyama-freya,

    I've traveled with my serum many times to Japan and have no problem.

    Due to the liquid restriction above 100 ml have to be put inside check-in baggage.

    Under 100 ml per bottle has to be put inside clear zip lock back if brought to cabin.

    hope it helps ^__^