Monday, August 6, 2012

Kose Speedy Cleansing Liquid

Details from (using google translate, so mind the ehm . . .  well, hope you do understand :D )

100% oil cut! Rinse super speedy!
  • Makeup remover oil cut 100%.
  • Use fresh in feeling refreshed, feeling of peace of mind and how to use acne skin weak, who also has been the extension lashes oil.
  • Drop the make-up only stroking it gently.
  • Quick cleansing ingredients. Quite right to make intimate contact with, such as mascara just gently stroking, drop quickly.
  • Ru Susuge quickly.
  • Null neutral, speedy rinse. W cleansing is required.
  • OK even though the wet hands and face!
  • Cleansing can also be used conveniently in the bathroom.


Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid effectively removes heavy makeup including mascara. Cleanses in a single step. With the special 'keratin-clear' formula, Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid removes not only dirts deep from your pores, but also the dead skin cells.

And after a while of searching and trying, here's how to use it:

Pump the liquid to your palm and massage gently your skin, kinda like cleansing oil, then add a bit of water to emulsify where then rinse everything off with water. Or pump it into a cotton pad and gently swipe all over the face or any areas needed, including mascara. The oil free based product make it even more convenient for the eyes. Then rinse it with water and I got this lovely super silky cleaned skin afterwards.

This is the product, a blue clear pump bottle of 230 ml liquid. As seen above the liquid itself is clear and even thou' it is said that 100% oil free, it feels as slippery as oil. The liquid is a it like thick watery liquid, not yet a gel, it is somewhere in between. I don't thing it is scented either since I can't smell anything obvious there.

I pump it on a surface and the clear liquid doesn't really show, so I pump some on the cotton, and on the image of a square of cotton alone is after being used to clean my daily dirt (no makeup). It does cleanse daily dirt as well.

Now let's see how effective it is on make up

Here's a line up of a few of makeup products:

1. Coverderm Perfect Face Waterproof Concealing Make-up
2. EXpose U'R Eyes! NYX Liquid Eye Liner
3. Double Extension Curl Mascara by L'Oreal (Ultra-lenghtening + Curling Mascara)
4.AQUA SHADOW by Make Up Forever
5. The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain
6. Rouge Artist Intense by Make Up Forever

Now as mentioned, I applied the liquid in two ways, one directly using the liquid and mixed everything up, and one with cotton pad.

The makeup doesn't dissolve easily as announced by the maker, but with cotton pad, it actually works better and on the first swipe, Coverderm is the first to one easily removed.

Then I add some more and hmm, really, pump it onto a cotton and it definitely works better than using just the liquid and your palm, the area swiped by the cotton is only in the middle.

This is the after look, yes, after rinsing and keep massaging. Some of the Coverderm, AQUA SHADOW, Mascara are still there. And obviously it didn't work, so please use a cotton pad and pump the liquid there before applying. The fibers of the cotton helps removing the makeup instead of just fingers + liquid.

Will I keep using it? Yes, with a cotton and hmm double cleansing is so important as well. Maybe the product suits those who doesn't use makeup regularly, so it clean daily debris + sun protection only, and actually it still need double cleansing, so use foaming facial wash right after ya ^__^

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  1. I heard the deep version (the one in the yellow bottle) removes makeup better, I think it has to do with the amount of different oils in the ingredients bc this one is more catered for those with oily skin so it will be less oily, resulting in its poor performance in removing makeup.