Tuesday, August 28, 2012

L'Oreal Professionnel Play Ball in Cosmo Spritzer

Morning!!! (or just pretend it was morning the moment you read this post XD)

My hair is a mess without any help, it usually goes everywhere it pleases without consulting with me. So I need help and L'Oreal Professionnel got a bunch of stuffs that's so fun to be used and looks ultra cute as well.

Here is Cosmo Spritzer.

A purple ball with ehm, kinda like a giant nipple on top.

Here is a bit more information from http://www.lorealplayball-site.com

My review?

I love the packaging haha! The purple ball reminds me of a Christmas decoration hanging from a fully decorated tree and the spritzer is easy to use. Whoever first come up with an idea of hair product should be in spray is genius. Less mess.

Now the scent is kinda like a perfume, alive and hip, a bit sweet and attitude. The liquid is a bid sticky to the hand and it helps anti-frizz-ing the hair by make 'em hardened like a hair spray, well, it is somewhat like extra strong holder for the hair. It keep the hair frizz-free and made up, so if you're looking for a natural movement and tangle free hair as well, hmm this may not be the one for you. Somehow my hair become a bit sticky and tangled a bit right after spraying, so please do not used them on dry hair, it would be worst. Maybe I need to practice using it as well haha ^0^ . . .or maybe due to the dry hair I have from the coloring and straightening.

Perfect for indoor usage, it help 'set' the hair and behave, but for outdoor, especially when it is windy and the hair was untied, it would be messy and stiff. Not easy to fix it up.

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