Friday, August 10, 2012

Accentuating Color Stick in S5 by Shiseido

Hi all!

Who loves a blush on their cheek to show how in love they are with a rosy glow? I do! I really really do. So when Shiseido Indonesia kindly handed me this one item, I scream a little, haha! I'm so happy, a girl never can have too much blush on.

And it's in Rosy Flush (S5). So what is this?

This is an Accentuating Color Stick, so yes, it gives accentuation to our look.

Here is some details from
For brilliant luster and added dimension, this multi-purpose color stick for highlights eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Spreads smoothly, adheres well on skin and maintains a lustrous, crease-free finish. Contains Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, a lasting moisturizing factor. Contains 3-D Powder that gives a natural depth and highlight to the facial contours.
And it comes in 5 shades

S1 Bronze Flush
S2 Peach Flush
S3 Glistening Flush
S5 Rosy Flush
S6 Champagne Flush

Wait, no No.4? Nope!

This is mine, the Rosy Flush. The packaging is luxurious, simple and elegant. Easily spin and can be dab directly to the cheek anytime you need to blush =^__^=

The image shows us the product in one stroke, so don't worry, the product is quite forgiving and you do have to to blend it in and use it according to your needs.

After blending that one stroke, as seen unlike other creamy blush on, Accentuating Color Stick still gives me a matte finished, natural and soft. Perhaps this is the effect of the 3-D Powder as well. The feeling is comfortable and not oily at all.

But I want them more striking and more flushes of colors, so I add multiple strokes and blend it.

It was superb. And later on, I did try to wash my hands with a mild soaps but the product stays a bit, so you need to clean it with make up remover before a cleansing foam. For me the blush stays on longer than ordinary powder blush on and much more comfortable than other creamy blush on that usually oily and unsettled.

I love the non-sticky and natural finish. Perfect for summer or just about any season as it is a bit water resistant. I will give you more images of me using the products on my cheek, after my holiday, so bear with me okay!

Overall, highly recommended for being easy to blend, natural with a soft matte look, right tone and shade for me and the stick is perfect in terms of packaging and for application reason. But I hope they increase the simplicity of the packaging, heehee, maybe a limited edition where the packaging is painted with floral or some sort, well anyway, in terms of function, it is wonderful and easily loved.


  1. from the swatch it looks really pretty. the packaging is also pretty and sleek and doesn't take much space. Do you know how much it costs in Indo's counters? I might want to add this to my wish list :)

  2. Hi Putri,

    I'm waiting for Shiseido Indonesia to reply okay :)


  3. The price is Rp.330.000 and only available in SOGO Kelapa Gading and Glow Living Beauty :)