Thursday, August 2, 2012

Shu Uemura Indonesia Beauty Bloggers Gathering

Hellloooooooooo ^0^

2 days ago I was invited by Shu Uemura Indonesia for the first beauty bloggers gathering. Yes, finally heehee, now all Shu Uemura's fan in Indonesia can read a live up to date news from the beauty bloggers as well. As Shu's item is not a strange or new products, but let's just get to know them better woohoo!

The event started at around 4 and I arrived at around 5, this is not good and I blamed the traffic for that, nevertheless the event must go on and I immediately on the hot spot seat for a makeover by Hendrix, hooray! He is no stranger alright, the one and only accredited makeup artist of Shu Uemura Indonesia, kudos!

Above is my face being cleaned by the new cleansing oil.

This is it and you will read about it more on my next post . . . it's the press release :)

Then after my face cleaned in a jiffy, the cleansing oil is superb! Followed by the lavender mist, hmm! Relaxing.

One of my favorite depsea water. Lavender, mint and rose.

After my face are cleaned and relaxed, he continued with foundation, so light but gives adequate coverage for anyone. The shades comes in many tone, you'll find your for sure.

Followed by powder hmm my eyes are on the red brush over there haha! I want it! It is super soft, gentle, deliver result like no other brush, well, as Ms. Regina (BM Shu Uemura Indonesia) put it "Ada uang, ada barang!" haha LOL, she is hilarious! And actually she is quite correct, the premium product do have high standard in quality that delivers guaranteed promises to the customer.

Lipstick time! Is it done? Nope, according to Mr. Hendrix, put on some lipstick first after the base is done, so you can create a harmonious balance on the makeup or colorful allure that looks beautiful together.

And Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited is indeed unlimited, choose the shade you want for your lips. The rich lipstick is also pleasant on the lips, comforting and stays on longer, giving the lips the moisture it needs.

Then, we moved to the eyes zone.

Start with the base color and yes, new colors are used! I'm so happy to be the first!

Aren't they pretty?!

The pink, purple, white and more colors are added. Giving my lids dimension and serene gradation. Blend it so well that the colors look great together.

Add some blush on to the cheek

Here they are, and below, is the final touches

I'm done!

Let's see the roundup and can't you believe that Mr.Hendrix done my face for a mere 20 minutes? From cleansing, base to colors. it's super fast and comfortable too.

This is my look from the side, take note that the lighting on the set is so yellowish and dim, they look so much better in normal lighting and outdoor too! Mr.Hendrix is indeed talented and Shu Uemura's product is ultra cool and superb!

This is my look with flash on and yes, next to me is Mr. Hendrix, find him at Shu Uemura's counter in Jakarta and if you're lucky, he'll show you some tricks and makeover just for you.

These are the beauty bloggers and Shu Uemura's team. Thank you so much Shu Uemura Indonesia for inviting us and let us play with your wonderful products heehee.  Thank you Mr.Hendrix for the makeover too, I'm honored ^__^

 And thank you all for reading my post and stay tune for more updates, press release and details regarding all the new products and what's next in Shu Uemura Indonesia!!


Unwatermark pictures? Yes, because it belongs to Ms. Stephanie Nangoi ^__^ Thank youuuu!

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