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Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator

Hi all!

Forever Youth Liberator by YSL is here!

What is Forever Youth Liberator?

Here's some details from http://www.yslbeautyus.com and let's see the products given to me by Yves Saint Laurent Indonesia.

Inspired by Glycobiology:

The Science of the Future

After DNA and stem cells, Glycobiology is recognized as one of the breakthrough sciences of the future. Awarded 7 Nobel Prizes, Glycobiology provides deeper understanding of the body’s biological mechanisms.
Glycobiology is the study of glycans, molecules which are naturally present in the skin. Glycans are responsible for directing communication between cells, ensuring that they send and receive the messages required for optimal performance. Without glycans, cellular communication breaks down and the body cannot properly function.

A Major Discovery in Anti-Aging

With age, the quantity of glycans naturally decreases, slowing the skin’s regeneration process and triggering the visible of aging: wrinkles, loss of density and dullness of complexion.
Yves Saint Laurent introduces GlycanActifTM, a patented complex which imitates the action of glycans, helping to restore your skin’s youthful beauty.

YSL SkinScience is a committee of experts in Glycobiology that applies the latest scientific breakthroughs to skincare.
YSL SkinScience experts created the patented, powerful GlycanActifTM which helps the skin reproduce the “youth cellular keys,” glycans, which decrease with age. Reactivate your cells’ vital functions and liberate your skin’s youthful beauty.

I have 4 items, they are the Cleansing Foam, Eye Creme, Serum and Creme.

Forever Youth Liberator:

The Ritual

  1. Purify

    The Cleansing Foam gently lifts impurities and removes makeup, leaving your skin perfectly cleansed.
  2. Prepare

    The Lotion revitalizes the skin, leaving it feeling soft and comfortable. Pores appear smaller and skin looks smoother and radiant.
  3. Activate

    The Serum contains the highest concentration of GlycanActifTM to visibly transform the appearance of your skin. Women agree:
    • Instantly, skin looks more luminous and soft
    • After 1 week, skin feels more moisturized and supple
    • Within 1 month, skin has visibly improved: tone and texture are more even, wrinkles are lifted, bounce is back and radiance returns.
  4. Treat
    The Eye Creme instantly brightens the eyes. With continued use, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. The Creme SPF 15 provides instant moisture and comfort to the skin, while improving its texture and elasticity. Protects from daily sun exposure with an SPF 15. For normal to dry skin. The Fluide SPF 15 provides immediate hydration in a lightweight formula, while improving skin’s texture and elasticity. Protects from daily sun exposure with an SPF 15. For normal to combination skin.

Use it per order 1,2,3,4, and 5. Since I don't have the toner or lotion, I'll use another brand along with Forever Youth Liberator. But as you read along the order made by YSL is 1,4,3 and 5. Here are some details and a bit of reviews.

• Comfort
• Softness
• Radiance


A delicate cream that transforms into a dense, fine foam upon contact with water.

Suitable for sensitive skin, it rids skin of its impurities, eliminates traces of make-up and leaves the skin perfectly cleansed. It feels soft, moisturized and highly comfortable with no tightness.

After gently rinsing Forever Youth Liberator cleansing foam, the complexion looks clearer and more transparent.


Emulsify the Cleansing Foam with water. Apply to moist skin and gently work up a lather. Rinse with warm water.

As seen on the image above, the thick cream create a milky fluid as mixed by water. Like emulsifying. The scent is wonderful at it is a significant fragrance created by YSL, kinda like their trademark.

The slightly pink cream is rich and feels like pampering the skin while cleaning it from daily debris. You need to put on some makeup remover before using the cleansing foam if you have some makeup on since the cleansing foam can not clean make up.

YSL perfume is definitely there, it's like a way of loving us and tell the world the cleansing foam definitely belongs to YSL.

• Instant radiance
• Increased hydration after 1 week
• Wrinkle reduction and increased "bounce" within 1 month


The star of the Forever Youth Liberator range, the Serum contains the highest concentration of Glycanactif™ to stimulate regeneration deep within the skin and to boost youth-promoting functions.

Women agree, it transforms the appearance of the skin. 

• Instantly, skin looks more luminous and soft
• After 1 week, skin feels more moisturized and supple
• Within 1 month, skin has visibly improved: tone and texture are more even, wrinkles are lifted, bounce is back and radiance returns.


Apply to clean skin in the morning and evening.
Follow with your favorite Forever Youth Liberator moisturizer and Eye Cream.

Hmm, so the eye cream really used after the serum,

This is the serum, the one that created all the fuss in the beauty world heehee. The texture is somewhat gooey, like a gel but a fluid gel. Absorbed very fast on the skin but remember to massage the skin accordingly, massage it? Yes, ask the staffs at YSL on how to put them on correctly. You'll enjoy the pampering moment even more and achieve better and giving optimal result.

For me from the first use the serum gives my skin a more supple and bouncy look in an instant. I'll keep using the product until they are finished before giving you my final review.

• Anti-puffiness
• Anti-wrinkle lift
• Brightens dark circles


A unique texture designed to visibly re-contour the eye, instantly. In addition to Glycanactif™, soothing ingredients refresh and relax the eye area, while micro-shimmer particles provide smoothing and illuminating effects.

The eyes appear fresher and more radiant:

• In one month, dark circles are less noticeable and seem to have disappeared.
• The eye area appears more toned, as if “lifted"


Apply to clean skin, around the eyes, morning and evening.
May be used under makeup.

The eye cream is a delight. Light cream that feels like a gel more than a cream. I also use it on my lips, instant smoothness and hydration is created. And on the eye's zone the cream also easily absorbed and not sticky at all, kinda suitable for me who hates sticky eye cream heehee. The eyes instantly looks brighter and hmm, can't I say tighter? More like firmer.

Last but not least the cream, but I can't find the details from the website, but I found it here: http://www.yslbeauty.co.uk
  • FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is the 1st skincare by Yves Saint Laurent containing the Glycanactif™, a patented¹ combination of 3 glycans, to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.²

  • This creme for normal to combination skin types, envelops the skin with a satin-like texture.

  • Immediately, the skin feels refreshed, suppler and more comfortable. The complexion looks fresher and feels softer.

The cream is definitely thick and feels so rich but it's not oily at all, like really at all. It gives me a velvety smooth finish and firmer looking skin. Again, more review will come up after using it in a significant amount of time.

That's it for now ^__^ See you soon!

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