Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pure Natural Lip Roll-On (Berry)

Hello ladies ^0^

The Body Shop surely have tons of fresh items almost monthly, like they are seriously trying to cater all our necessity and heart's desire.

Some work really well and become my favorite item, but this one ... failed to please me.

details from
Product description
Best if you want to: Leave lips feeling soft and totally kissable with a roll-on balm made from 100% natural ingredients with a fruity berry flavor.
Best for: all skin tones
How it works:
Made with 100% natural ingredients
Moisturizing. Leaves lips feeling soft and smooth
Non-tacky, non-waxy feel Berry flavor

The smell is really wax-y for me. It was a real turn off. I think the mint one smells and feels better on the lips too, but my daughter insist with the Berry. I can still smell the berry, but still the wax is pushing it's way to my nose.

The roller ball also a bit drowned, so my lips can feel the sides of the outer rink.

Here's a close up look of the lips after usage:

It can be easily noticed as watery or oily, but I dislike the feeling. And I still prefer the lip balm (any range from TBS) for the feeling, scent and moisturizing effect as well.

Again, this is personal and no matter how I dislike this particular item, my daughter seems to love it. She said it was very convenient and smells really good.

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