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Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum

Hello ladies,

yesterday I've shared an awesome product from Skin Inc (click ME!) which gives an instant result on the skin, now this product is different, not completely the contrary, just not as instant as the Pure Snow White Mask.


Details from the Press Release:

Once Upon An Apple
Three apples changed the world, they say.
Eve ate one, another fell on Newton’s head,
and Steven Jobs built the third.
Now, Skin Inc has perfected the fourth.
And packed it into the world’s best
anti-ageing salve.

From the Tree of Knowledge to the Fountain of Youth, here’s one
more compelling reason to bite into the forbidden fruit.
Skincare experts have discovered a rare and endangered
Japanese species of apple that helps to protect the longevity of skin
cells by maintaining its self-renewal capacity at a DNA level. And
Skin Inc has bottled this miraculous ingredient into the revolutionary
Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum.

The New Apple Care
Marking a new era in anti-ageing skincare, this product moves
beyond dousing skin in active ingredients to literally re-programme
skin at a DNA level to fight ageing on its own. That’s right, at the
core of Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is an advanced apple
stem cell technology that energises skin to generate new tissues
faster, fend off UV damage, and preserve its vitality for longer.
That said, don’t go creating your own DIY apple masks from the
grocer’s just yet. The key ingredient in this super age-defence
serum is Malus Domestica, a rare and endangered species of apple
which dates back to the mid-18th century when the seedling plant
was first discovered to possess an incredible ability to remain in
pristine condition without shriveling when stored away for extended
periods of time.

To tap into such astounding self-preservation abilities, Skin Inc
cultivated this apple through a Plant Cell Culture Technology in the
most advanced laboratories of Japan, and encapsulated it to
enhance absorption into the deeper layers of skin. The result: a
stem cell serum that imbues skin with the self-recovery and self regeneration
prowess of the ‘forbidden fruit’.

Nature Meets Science
Apple stem cells are not the only anti-ageing actives in this powerpacked
serum. In fact, Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum
marries nature’s finest bounty with high-tech anti-ageing
ingredients, including:

TOMATO AND GRAPE EXTRACTS: Super-antioxidants that fight
degeneration and soothe inflammation.

ARGAN TREE EXTRACT: Plumps skin with essential fatty acids
and resists oxidation more effectively than olive oil. It is traditionally
used to treat skin diseases, and is hard to find outside its region of
production as it is sold as a luxury item.

HERB EXTRACTS: Aid in brightening and evening out skin tone
SOY ISOFLAVONES: Regenerate and replenish estrogen, an
important female hormone that stimulates metabolism and cell
growth for a thicker epidermis, and tauter, smoother and more
luminous skin.

COLLAGEN: Refines skin for finer pores and smoother skin texture.
HYALURONIC ACID: Amps up the moisture factor for hydrated and
bouncy skin.

7 Times More Potent
Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is formulated with one of the
highest percentages of active ingredients in any skincare serum –
7 times the percentage found in most popular anti-ageing serums.*
Use it daily as a 4-week intensive anti-ageing programme or as a
booster serum to power up your customised Skin Inc My Daily Dose
Serum, and banish fine lines, pigmentation, pores and saggy skin.
After cleansing, simply pump this sleek silver serum applicator once
and roll over lines, wrinkles and other areas of concern. Massage
into skin gently and follow with Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum for
perfectly airbrushed skin.

True story. For the first time in modern history, the latest lifechanging
Apple is not a phone. No offence, Steve Jobs.
*Based on the market average of popular anti-ageing products.


This is my four week treatments, separated in four tubes for freshness and these small pre-serums hopefully going to make a differences for my skin, for the better.

I know for sure Stem Cell is a hit 'ingredient' at the moment. Almost all brands has come up with skincare with Stem Cell. So there's a lot of options out there, just make sure to choose the one that suits the skin's need and effective as well.


The packaging is neat but when if you're staying abroad and taking them on a baggage, remember to put some papers or tissue on the spaces so they wont collide and stays 'standing up' on their own places.
I've been using the pre-serum for almost a week now, so I'm still in week one bottle. The pre-serum is used on a cleaned and toned skin and right before serum. So, a serum is still needed after using the Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum. After the serum? A moisturizer of course.


I pumped once, just like the instructions, then roll the metal ball on places that I think need some refining, revitalizing, re-plumping, regenerating, re-smoothing, and let's just say, looks younger, healthier and better.

There's some tiny white dots that easily gone when massaged into the skin and there's no feeling of sensitivity, allergy reactions, discomfort or whatsoever on the skin. It doesn't feel anything actually. So, it was just like putting some light soft watery gelatin made out of pure H20. Usually anti aging products are well known for being heavy, so rich and yes, sticky on the skin. This one is oh-so-not ^__^

I'll keep you updated every week, so stay tune ya!

Here's my update (4 weeks usage),

Each tube last 1 week plus instead of 1 week flat.

Every week the skin gain elasticity and firming action. I look the differences between week 1 and week 4 to be quite amazing. Finer lines are disappearing and deeper lines to be less visible. The main attraction is definitely the reducing of wrinkles.

4 weeks of using Skin Inc Age-Revival Stem Cell Serum is able to bring me back 2-3 years ago in terms of younger skin (of course all other skincare need to be use along as well, so far I've been using various brands with this pre-serum). The skin bounce back in time, feel and looks firmer as well.

Must try! A fresh pre-serum that's also give skin a fresher younger looking skin with less lines and wrinkles.

Skin Inc is
currently available in Singapore, Spain, Vietnam, Brunei, Dubai, Lithuania and Hong Kong

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