Monday, December 10, 2012

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish and a Little Treat (Eye ColorPalette & Lip Gloss)

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I was invited by Anna Sui Indonesia to attend a very lovely event welcoming the new fragrance called Fairy Dance Secret Wish.

The event held at Taman Menteng, they have successfully transform the venue into a home for fairies.

Walk into the leaves of pink flowers, where through it, we will meet fairies.

There she is, a beautiful fairy dressed in pink with pink flowers on top of her head. Wings and beautiful aroma of a fairy with a secret wish.

Sheets colorful pastels in peach, pink and creams, this is not just a glass house anymore. Details become real and so lovely.

Oh look even the glass are touched by fairy.


Soon the event began with a pretty ballerina.

dancing around followed by 2 of her friends.

Then they freeze and Ms. Melissa opened by greet the whole guess with her perky voice.

Followed by the Marketing Manager from Anna Sui Indonesia and representative of Anna Sui Singapore. They look so pretty too. Oh look! The ballerinas are still frozen, we need a touch from fairy to wake them up.

Here come three little fairies, waking the ballerinas and all of us before welcoming all of us inside her home.

Where fruits and flowers are dangling from the tree.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is here and ready to dazzle you and give wishful hopes.

With mango, rose, sandalwood and many other beautiful concoction, the fragrance become very interesting, a bit seductive and lovely.

But wait, there's something more, it can grant your wish.

So I opened the box, heehee, cute isn't it?! Two fairies dancing on top of a rose.

On the cap, there's a fairy sitting, waiting to be called and be free.

The 3 sided bottle is unique and by rubbing each side and dance a fairy dance, the wish made may come true. The scent also liberating, ageless, both me and my daughter really enjoy using it. The EDT last around 3-4 hours, I love the top and middle note, and as for the bottom note, I love how they keep the sandalwood in tame mode as I'm not a fan of sandalwood.

Overall, it's a comely fragrance to be used day time and suitable for those with free spirit in mind.

The series comes in lotion as well. I haven't try it, I wish someday I can try it ^__^

Make my wish come true, please.

Oh well, at least one of my wish has come true, I won the best wish, as I wrote down " I wish I have all Anna Sui's perfume and be the happiest girl on the planet & smell good too"

And given a pouch from Mystical Masquerade Holiday Beauty Collection 2011, the Magical Princess.

Inside there's a lip gloss and eye shadow palette. 

Adorable!! All Anna Sui's products are so attentive in all the little nibble on the side, flowers on the cap, the tea rose scent and everything in between, just like the perfume bottle, everything is so dainty.

The product is from 2011 o2, the scent is a bit off then the new ones, but it seems like it can be used for 3 years unopened and 12 months after being opened.

Here's the swatches of the eye shadow. I'll be using it soon for another look, maybe a princess look ^0^

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia.

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