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IBB and Citra Night Experience at Rumah Cantik Citra

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Almost a month has passed since Indonesian Beauty Blogger second Gathering in Rumah Cantik Citra.

In the event, which I think you have read many reviews and event report about it, we are given so many information about the product, some of them are provided HERE.

Above is Dr. Edwin Djuanda, a dermatologist. And Mr. Johan Lie, a brand manager of Citra Lotions.

I love the enthusiasm of everyone who went into the event, they asked a lot of questions, in return, we understand more about our skin, the product and Rumah Cantik Citra.

After the introduction and product detail by Citra, it's Indonesian Beauty Blogger's turn to share some of their tips, life stories and experiences as a beauty bloggers. The presentation given is thorough and some even found the material to be so useful and an eye opener. We enjoy our meals and chats as well, indeed, we are girls after all, we love to chat.

That's not just it, after the event we get to enjoy our spa moments at Rumah Cantik Citra, but since I don't have the time, I'm coming back in the following weeks for a treatment there. Everyone going home with hampers and a voucher for a treatment ^__^ wonderful! Who would resist a spa experience?!

10 lucky bloggers are enjoying the treatment and giving us good reviews on how comfortable the massage are. Of course, the team are prep by a professional masseuse from a spa in 5 stars hotels. 

And hmm, what is Carryna doing with a Longchamp bag? It's the prize for a blogging competition held by Citra, and get your chance to win a nice pretty Longchamp bag like this one. Found out HERE for the details, T&C, and due date.

Now, here's my Rumah Cantik Citra experience ^0^

We bring camera too, since the last time I'm here as an MC, I can't take pics since being too busy with the prep, now, I'm here to relax and enjoy. I brought my mom and sister to join the experience with me.

The building is quite spacious, with around 8 customers per session (each around 60 minutes), the parking lot is enough for 6 cars all at once. Right in front of the entrance is a beautiful pond underneath the path with Koi fishes swimming freely.

All the treatment is open for ladies only and above 15 years old.

Here is the menu and below the selections of products.

Different treatments available in different room.

Above is a treatment place where you don't have to take off your clothes since it was foot and hand massage or a back massage.

This is the treatment room for body massage and scrub. Thank you sister for the images ^__^ I was in a separated room than she is. But the room is similar. For one. 2 rooms are equipped with 2 beds for double occupancy, just in case you want to share a room with your BFF.

Since this is a night treatment, we were there around 3 PM and asked to take a shower before the treatment where other treatment is the other way around.

Before you came into Rumah Cantik Citra, please call them first at (021)-8303101 since sometime the venue is closed due to an event. Open from 10.00-19.00 and closed on national holidays.

More information can be found here:

And if you happen to go with someone who can't do a treatment or prefer to wait, don't worry there's a nice waiting room with magazines and 2 computers with internet connection is given ^__^

Now, back to the treatment.

After the shower with of course a selections from Citra Body Wash, our feet are scrub with natural ingredients, salt and lime.

After the feet are pampered, we moved to the bed and get an invigorating massage which later relaxes the whole body and I went to a sleep the minute I'm inside my car. It was a wonderful experience for my mom, sis and me. All of us enjoy the professional massage given, the grape seed oil infused lotion and the ambiance there. Who said that spa treatment has to be expensive to be good? Citra proving otherwise.

Rumah Cantik Citra has given me a very useful tips too on how to use Citra Night Whitening Lotion, first, the skin need to be cleaned so the lotion may absorb better on the skin and the nourishment is taken. I've tried the lotion before and it's like a few hours after taking a shower and indeed the effect is not really felt.

In Rumah Cantik Citra the grape seed oil also added, so it will double the effect ^__^ that's why I recommend every ladies to try the treatment there. They are also very kind in sharing information and tips. When application, it is best to do a circular massaging movement to the skin, not just for helping spreading the lotion but to increase blood circulation. A deep tissue massage may be difficult and impossible to be done alone, but you can ask your partner to help out heehee.

There are other ingredients in Citra Night Withening Lotion that would be beneficial for the skin as well, it is mulberry. As stated by

According to the Fruitarian Foundation, mulberries are rich in vitamin A, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. In addition, mulberries contain the highest levels of antioxidants of any berries. Antioxidants protect the body from harmful oxidation of free radicals.
and how about the grape seed oil?

Applying a few drops of grape seed oil to the face provides protection from premature aging and may actually help acne, because of its powerful antioxidant properties. Flavonoids which are found in grape seed oil may assist the skin in stabilizing collagen and maintaining elasticity. Its light and easily-absorbed texture makes grape seed oil ideal for cosmetic purposes as well as being useful as carrier oil in massage therapy.

Ah, maybe that's why Citra Night Whitening Lotion uses them as ingredients. And it is already well known that our skin at night become drier, not just due to the fact that we uses air conditioner, but the skin regenerate, breathe and faster in releasing moisture as we sleep as well. A night lotion should be able to give an ample hydrating effect so the skin stays moist and healthier in the morning.

So why don't you start taking care of your skin at night as you do on day time as well and get a better skin every single day ^__^

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