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Estee Lauder Beauty Workshop 19th June 2011

 Yesterday I went to Estee Lauder's workshop around 11 am. It is the last day of their event: 

Dear Beautiful,

Make a date with Estée Lauder for A to Z Natural Health Beauty Workshop with Nutritionist - Dr. Riani, ND

You are cordially invited to Estée Lauder special beauty events. Get to know how to enhance your inner beauty with healthy food.
Pamper yourself with Estée Lauder Signature Services, Beautiful Skin Consultation, Hairdo, Glam Photo Ala Cover, Thank you Gift*, Special Gift with purchase* and enjoy special offers only at the beauty workshop. (* T&C Applied)

Sunday, 19 June 2011
10.00 – 17.00 wib
Gardenia Room
Hotel Gran Mahakam, Jakarta
RSVP: 02175920686

Call the number above for more information & booking. Limited Seating.

For more information, kindly write to us at
We are looking forward to seeing you at the event. Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful.

Warm Regards,

Estée Lauder Indonesia

 I saw the set of Estee Lauder, it looks like some professional photo session will occurred here ^_^

Anticipation is rising, guests are sitting and waiting for the 'talk of the day'

Ms.Gloria (MC) is breaking the silence with her sweet voice and the show is rolling

 Gloria introduced us to Dr. Riani S.Budiharsana, a Naturopath. 

Based on Wikipedia :

Ms. Gloria, Mr.Erfan (representative from Estee Lauder), Dr. Riani

 For me personally, it is almost like Korean traditional method that believes in medication through our daily meals. By eating the correct food can assist a better health. This is some of what Dr. Riani said on the workshop:

"What we eat is what we absorb". So apparently the things that we absorb is the one that makes differences in our general health. For the skin she thinks antioxidant is important to fight the free radical, Silica, contained in Zucchini or Suhyo, broccoli, bell pepper. Increase Collagen by drinking Papaya, Mango, Carrot juice 1 liter/day. But, Goji berry and wolf berry is the best in terms of increasing Collagen level (2 weeks consumption). Dr. Riani also introduced us to Acai berry that also very good in fighting free radical.

In terms of natural health consuming it took 3-6 months and you can feel it in your immune system that is increasing. Yes, chemical like drugs can give you instant relieve but it doesn't cure you, it only helps with the symptoms.

Back to the skin, Mr. Erfan adding with how you maintain your skin from outside, by using Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder that known to help fight free radical and help regain the youth by repairing your DNA. Skin need to be cleaned and both speaker (Erfan and Dr. Riani) agrees on clean skin and the importance of a good toner in daily skincare regime. 

Then it's Q&A time,
Many guests come with endless list of questions even when the time is up, from honey, bee polen, losing weight, correct moisturizer and so on is questioned.

Last tips from Dr. Riani is taking your daily water, you can take small amount but often, it is better than a pile of water once or twice a day.

Then the guest are given a taste of Goji and Acai berries, we all think the tastes are delicious (remembering some health juice can be yucky)

 The darker color is Acai berries. Goji berries taste a bit herbal (oriental herbs) while Acai is tasted more berries and sweet. Dr. Riani also added that it is best to consume fruits and juice on empty stomach and 2 hours before meals.

Group picture with the hosts, guess speaker, and key persons in the workshop

 After the lunch is my turn to be pampered. This is my before pic. The beauty consultant are busy with customers.

After checking my skin condition and age, these are the products recommended for me. From cleansing, toner, ANR and Re-Nutriv moisturizer and eye cream. 

 First, my eyes area are cleaned with Gentle Eye and Lip Makeup Remover that is so gentle and proven effective.

Pour an appropriate amount on a cotton swap and let it sit for a while on lashes before swiping the mascara away.



Then, let's clean the rest of makeups with Take It Away Gentle Cleansing Milk that feels so soft yet gives me a clean finish.

Michael, the makeup artist, then pampered my skin using the toner (that feels comforting), ANR (my fave), eye cream (that surprisingly light) and moisturizer (that was soft, smell really good, and the hydration effect plus rejuvenation is immediately felt).
 No worries, I'll discuss more details about the products soon.

 This is me after the cleansing and pampering, my skin is far more glowing and look happy my skin ^o^

Makeup with Michael is a fast and feels so light. Double wear is amazing, the coverage level is high like Erfan said compared to the rest of the foundations in Estee Lauder Makeup collection. But it felt really light and comfortable. No cakey feeling whatsoever. Am I wearing makeup?

My lips also using the newest addition, Pure Gloss Color, that is also light and sexy.

 Then it's hairdo time!

 This is my final look and Michael

 Me and Mr. Hair stylist ^_^

The workshop is very educative, Estee Lauder takes good care of their customer needs inside and outside, it is indeed by being healthy we are beautiful and Estee Lauder knows that.

Thank you for reading and join their next workshop so you wont missed a thing.

You can found out more about Estee Lauder skincare that I've used and currently using ---> HERE 

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