Saturday, June 25, 2011

Etude Precious BB Compact Minerals

This is the first time I've tried BB in compact

The color is mine alright, the texture is slightly heavier than two way cake

This is my before look, a cleaned, toned and moisturized skin plus some make up base, since I was told I have to use the base before BB compact

This is the result, it was really difficult for me, the color is too white, yes, white in exact. The BB compact for me it's tricky, hard to blend in, maybe they shouldn't put the buff there, it should have been foundation brush, I think it would help me heaps.

Now it's hard to proceed with the review since the result is not finished yet, the texture, the color  of the powder plus the size and material of the buff provided is all wrong.

I'll be back with a foundation brush next time since the tools is not provided and recommended by the brand. I've tried using it dry and on moist skin, actually, it work better on dry skin.

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