Monday, June 13, 2011

Omo! Chicken at Gandaria City

On Saturday 11th of June 2011, I went to...

Omo! Chicken in Gandaria City ^o^.

7 of us are having our dinner here for my bro's b'day. We choose the 'outdoor' seats since they have more space.

On the cashier and order counter they presented us with business card, tips jug, a bit of info on the oil used and some more info on Omo! Chicken.

The chicken is sooooo cute! 

More info on the oil, it seems like they put much care on the health issue.

Did you know? 

The variety of the products is ranged from rice to burger and french fries. 

See the menu, see the menu everyone!

Find them when you see this on a bright neon.

The chicken work so hard, so don't spoil with food from outside....0.o

The kids meal comes with ball of rice (mixed between teri medan and nori), casava chips and chicken wings. We all love the rice balls!!! Yummy!

Mine is rice, salad, casava chips and chicken wings in tomato. My review: Love the chicken wings in Tomato so bad!! The skin are so crisps and the sauce are too hard to resist. It's a definite winner. The salad need more dressings and I think they can do better if the rice is more succulent. Japanese rice or something in between would be great.

My husband who is a chicken wings addict thinks they are the best too, we've tried many chicken wings across Asia and Omo! Chicken is the winner. 
He order the spicy and some of the family member enjoy the soy, all have their thumbs up in terms of chicken wings here!

The Taebokki is mild, so mild that the chilli lover in my family things it need more heat like 10 notch more. 

Me and my chicken wing, so yummy, my sis even say I took my time eating them while I'm usually a fast eater. They are so good, I don't want this relationship to end.

 Don't worry they still have so much to offer if you're not a chicken wings eater like we do.

 So come! And enjoy your ride of a delectable meal.

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