Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Day in Central Park

Today I went for a stroll at Central Park Mall, I love that place, it's just today wasn't my day. One of our family member still hospitalized and we went for a quick visit for some things need to be done here.

The reason I love Central Park Mall is they are new, as funny as it sound but I hate crowded place. I kinda need space during my shopping time, silly isn't it? It seems like mall, shopping and quiet space just not in the same terms, well it didn't. But still Central Park Mall wide 'atmosphere' is convenient. And nothing beats the coldness like friendly staff in the ladies room, so Central Park Mall, appreciate them, okay.

Okay so here are some stuff I do and found there and I think worth sharing.

First, L'Occitane, for years I've been captivated by their scent and natural ingredients that gives me reasons for so many compliments. So, today I went for a quick visit and 5 things is so hard not to be bought. From roll on perfume, shampoo, moisturizer, soaps, to solid perfume.

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I'm head over heel in love with  L'Occitane Green Tea with Jasmine, the solid perfume, different? Yes, somehow the spray is not as lovely as the solid one. Is it just me? 

This solid perfume is definitely on my HOT LIST of the month! The scent is alive, burst of Jasmine and the freshness of green tea it's just too hard to resist. It is sexy yet sophisticated and again the freshness, it really feel like you walk into a garden of fresh blooming jasmines.

Come and visit L'Occitane Central Park Mall where the staff and friendly and knowledgeable. 

Next, is about Shilin. Ooh talked about night market and yummy comfy food, this one does NOT do the trick 0.o sorry. The XXL chicken is a stand out with the peppers and chilli but somehow it's not suitable with rice and the sauce is forgettable. Make it more of a kick and you've got a winner there.
The set comes with a cold tofu and pieces of century eggs.

Now is a cake located in the same zone as HongKong Cafe. This Chocolate cake (Rp.15.000 for a slice) is too dry for me. I like the fresh chocolate cream in the middle, but I need my cake moist. If it is dry at least make it a crisp like Sachertorte. But my kid loves it, I guess it's come back to your own personal taste.

Now, this is the main reason I went to Central Park Mall today, to collect my bracelet which was done a week ago. Too bad the staff on duty didn't let me took pictures at the stores and their collections.

This is my bracelet that I think suitable for my daily use, for me it's a Two's personal ^_^.

Love the Murano Glass beads, irresistible!

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