Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beauty Products I Use Right Now

 Hi all ^o^, 

Two days without talking about beauty products feels like an itch need to be scratch immediately, hee hee. I love beauty products and it's my daily things that make a differ of how my skin look like...Here are some of the things I use nowadays....not necessarily means these is all I have and use within this month....I will post more later on for the rest of my 'current' stuff. 

Okay start with Eye and Lips make-up remover, I love using waterproof mascara, I hate smudges and blackened eye, so I always use stay on lips and eye products, that's why I need this. It's not the best thing I have but for now I just want to finished the product. Compare to Gentle from L'Oreal, I found Gentle better in terms of the oils, it feels well, gentler, Maybelline Make Up Remover can be too oily, but for the cleaning property, it's okay, that's why I still use it. Remember to use a facial cleansing foam afterwards

 This is my facial scrub that I use like once every 1-2 weeks. I like the fact that it is far from harsh. I don't even think it's a problem to use it every other day...suitable for any skin type.

Nutriganics toner that I think more suitable to be called softener since the property is to soothe and calm the skin and instead of closing the pores, it soften my skin and help moisturizing process. Perfect for 30's to 40 years old where the skin start to show the aging it's been doing. 

Foaming facial wash also from Nutriganics, love the self foaming device, I'm just a happy that it help me to get the 'juice' without the need to squeeze the fruit. Foam is definitely more gentle than just rub a cleansing gel/cream/cleanser/soap to the skin. What unique about this product is, it cleanse the skin thoroughly but leave it moist and soft + silky smooth. 

When I'm diligent or remember, I use Cure to exfoliate my body skin, not for my facial use, I don't like the after effect.  Read more here . But for the body? Why not, it is far better than 'luluran' and the skin feels clean. I use it for getting a more even tone especially on my upper arm .

My favorite shampoo right now, it help with the oil glands but still left my hair moist and shines till the edge. Yes, it still need to use conditioner, which is Pantene for now. 

So perfect during period ^o^. Living in a moist tropical land means high humidity, my advice use Lactacyd or only the brand recommended by a gynae, don't use any commercial products out there. This is my true story, months ago I got a problem down there due to shaving and I ran into a lady who work at a gynae and she recommend me to use Lactacyd, she swore it was the best thing for her, so I did trust her and purchase the product. It work so well on me. So since then I know the difference between a quality product for intimate area and the 'not'.

My all time favorite Deodorant. Have been using it for almost a year and still loving it! Is there anything better than this?

Hot days? Humid? Yet my skin need moisturizer? This is my answer! It gives the hydration but not the oiliness that skin hate during sweat times. And the scent? Burst of Cherries is always welcome.  

My day cream doesn't include SPF so I use my oil free, water based sun protection. It is a spray on so it's convenient to use. I don't like freckles, dark spots, all that jazz, so I prefer my skin well protected and healthy.

An all over cleansing oil from Shu Uemura. I've been having this product for years and it's like one of the most have items when you love make-up. I'm not a big fan of make-up yet use occasionally but I still need it.  I haven't try the whole range, I think like only 2 of them, but someday I'll try them all....obsession!

When the days feels dry and need more protection I use this slightly heavy body lotion that gives a green tea scent. Yes, I'm also a big fan of green tea, drink it, shower it, use it and eat different kind of form ^_-

A smoothing day cream that really smooth the skin, 30's gal who still denying anti aging products, you've gotta try it!

A nice smoothing night cream that neither heavy or too light. It's just right

Well, that's just it for now, I'll continue some more. BTW this post is made for you who kept asking the beauty products I actually use on my daily life right now. So? There you go! ^_^

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