Friday, June 10, 2011

My Must Have Stuffs in My Purse Right Now

Usually when I go out, I don't have much time during preparations due to many many lame excuses heehee【ツ】, so I always have my 'first aid kit' inside my purse for almost anything I need during my day out there. So here it is (not necessarily in order):

Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop, this antibacterial oil for me is like the best thing that ever happen and a must have in every household. From bug bite to soothing minor irritation due to scratch or paper cut, this acne relieve oil is a mighty. I even use it for after shave on many different part of my body, it help reduce the ingrown by far. I carry it on my purse for anytime I need the relieve ◕ ‿ ◕

Next is the sweet sensation of a solid perfume from Crazylibellule and the poppies that I get from Sephora.  I bought Les Divines Alcoves 'you my lord' toi mon prince one and a half year ago and still in love with the scent that's feminine and sweet flowery. Just glide it on the skin anywhere you please and let the perfume indulge you for a good 4-6 hours. Just remember I need to re-stock ¯\(°_o)/¯

A mascara can make my eyes and brows from looking dull to dazzling. So always have one in case of emergency, what kind of emergency? Running into potential date, lover, meeting, etc. Mine is in black and it gives my brows a definition it need. For the lashes, the darkness help brings out my eyes, but they don't gives me curve, just more dark, volume, thickness and length. It is waterproof, but took time to completely dry, so try not to rub or blink in the next 2-3 minute after application, blow dry or fan the area make it dry faster ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶

A lip balm and nothing beats a good juicy reddish lip balm like Nivea Strawberry. Love the look, the taste, flavor, and how it made my lips moist. It is the most affordable way of looking good. No one can ever resist a healthy red lips that shines ♥‿♥  

Secret Beam from Etude that gives me a pearly glow. This powder is so light yet can give any skin a luminous glow, best to be use after all the make-up are done, for me it's like a touch up. It gives the skin a healthier and sexier complexion. ❀◕‿◕❀

The scent is lovely and so does the puff, the packaging itself is not bad at all. Pretty isn't it and I just can't say no to the big round mirror. 

The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain that stands out to other stain I know. It is the most affordable and work so well. Dots some on the cheek zone, wait a while and rub it in according to your taste. Add some more for more blush or less depends on you. The lips also turn gorgeously red that I often combine with lip balm, gloss or even lipstick. It add a deeper color of red and even a different dimension of color if you use different shade on top of it.

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