Monday, June 27, 2011

"Importance of Skin Protection and the Effects on Your Skin" Seminar By Kiehl's


On 25th of June 2011 at 3 PM, Plaza Senayan's branch.


Kiehl's Seminar: Importance of Skin Protection and the Effects on Your Skin in conjunction of their newest addition (in Jakarta) Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White.


The store conveniently turned into a workshop.


Waiting for the event to started I read the materials given, about pigmentation, hyper pigmentation, stains, aging, Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White, and so on. Each guess also given a Starbuck chocolate muffin and a bottle of water to drink.


This is my material + a notebook, and . . .


2 pieces of sachets samples


A while later Mr. Ari start by welcoming the guess and a bit of what the event is all about.


Yes, the star of the show Ultimate White


And Dr. Abdul continues to explain that hyper pigmentation as the signs of aging. We know that melanin is good and as a form of skin defense, but overly produced melanin can cause hyper pigmentation. I can go on and on and on about the scientific discovery but I wont bored you, the bottom line is, Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions works by keep the melanin work in a level where's it will reduce hyper pigmentation such as: Melasma, Freckles, Hyper pigmentation post inflammation. 

After that Mr.Ari explained Dermatologist Solutions (details below ^0^)

Then it's Q&A, many questions asked and they answered the questions all so patiently. Finally after finished with the seminar and we can simply have an one on one consultations with the doctor and KCR's. 


The trio, cleanser, scrub and cream


Clinically proven on a deeper level reduce dark spots, discolorations and fine lines, so it's not just about whitening.


First, I try the cleanser on my hand, the texture is soft and a bit thick white mixed of gel and cream.


Then the scrub, which is almost like the cleanser but slightly thicker.

When I spread them I can see the clear difference where the cleanser remain soft and the scrub contains tiny white beads that felt so comfortable. I clean them off and my skin felt soft and not tight. It did felt clean but not squeaky clean. I like them, I can say, so far so good ^_^

And here's come the cream, it is white so soft and looks easy to absorb, it is said to be a cream but the texture is a bit like gel, again love this kind of texture since based on my experience these kind of texture is rich in benefit yet melt on my skin plus easy to absorb.



It is really easy to absorb, superb!

My left hand felt softer, smoother and moist, sorry for the bad lightning, it's actually looks brighter than the right hand (not wearing any)

The complete range of Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Ultimate White that enriched with natural ingredients of Vitamin C, Plum Fruit Extract, and Botanical Extract that works for:

1) Reducing the melanin production
2) Reducing the melanin transferring process
3) Reducing skin discolorations, smoothed and fixed the skin texture
4) The mixed of essential oils of lavender and citrus calm and relaxed a stressful skin (stress triggers melanin formation)

And here's some more info from the website:
These powerful, yet safe treatments address skin conditions
such as premature aging, irritation and sensitivity. Our collection
of advanced skincare helps to visibly improve the healthy appearance of the skin.

Need more information? Come to any Kiehl's branch and ask the friendly KCR's (Kiehl's Customer Representatives), based from my experience they are really friendly and don't be afraid, they don't do hard sell. Ask them to help you know your skin better, address it and what is the best treatment for you, ask for samples when you doubt them and try it yourself.

For me skincare is personal, me myself consider my skin, my body and what I need is unique, I know what I like, what I need and still have preferences, they do respect that, they wont push you with bunch of stuff you didn't feel comfortable with. It's like they believe their stuff is really good and a great products sell by itself.  Awesome!

Next time Kiehl's have an event or workshop, join! You'll get many information and the best thing is they are honest about their stuff and what's good for you, if they have it, they'll say it, if they don't, they'll admit it too.
Join me tomorrow as I'll show you what I bought after the seminar and after numerous time asking for confirmation whether it will work or not, I'll prove it myself  @_@'

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