Monday, June 6, 2011

Going Solo

Hi gals,

These few days have been a real challenge for me, my grandpa is really sick and got hospitalized for a liver problem, so he become yellow all over. It's not hepatitis, tumor, cancer, cyst, or something that we can easily figured it out so it's exhausting. Don't we have a big family? Yes! But it seems like, most of them rarely care. 

Well anyway, I'm not a pessimistic kinda person, so I try to do my best helping my grandpa and keep moving forward. With my blog I want to help more people too, thanks to Malaikat Cinta I want to make this post dedicated to those known as 'single lady'.....or single guys heehee.

What's wrong of being 'jomblo' or single nowadays? Is it a sin or you just want a 'sophisticated' status on your facebook page. Single for me means freedom. You are able to spend time with yourself, build yourself (not your avatar), go to the gym for hours or spa without the feeling of left someone else behind. When I'm single I am happy, I go to the beauty salon often even on Saturday night, I went with my girlfriends to dinner or booked a room and have a lot of slumber parties with them. It's a moment to get to know yourself better, character building and believe me, the more you understand and love yourself you'll be able to choose your better half ... well, better. 

One thing for sure is better being single than be with a partner that treat you bad. There's still a lot of young people that need help in terms of relationship. My suggestion? Get help! From those who really loves you like family and friends. Never be excluded, if your partner really loves you he/she will have no problem getting along with those who sincerely care about you. Predator are lurking with the best possible action, make you feel or be alone with them. There's no harm with going out together in a crowd so your family and/or friends can help you see how he/she is. Get their true opinion and be open. That's why you should befriends with people who knows you and really put your best interest first. So building a solid friends circle (or family) is basic. How you do that? By being single.

When you are single you are able to spend time with your friends, literally and quality time.
When you are single you need one less consent in doing what you want.
When you are single you are free-er.
When you are single you can see your option better.
When you are single you can have more time with your family.
When you are single you can have more time doing social work.
When you are single you can go alone and called 'solo traveler'
When you are single you have the feeling of finding your other half and it's legit! Haha! 

Okay, some of you may find it is sucks to be alone, my last suggestion: Get yourself prettier!! By the time you're done shaping your body, face and hair, you'll notice only the best can have your heart. Appreciate yourself! Love yourself! And be grateful.

And when you finally found someone, I wish your love stay eternal like my grandpa and grandma, they have been together for over 60 years and they still on dating period where love are blossoming everywhere. Love take time, courage and understanding. Yes, it is a hard work, so make sure you'll do that with a person that truly love you. 

To find a love it took a glance
To find a partner it took a second
To find a match it took a while 
To find a true love it took forever


  1. hope ur grandpa will get better yah.. be strong.. ^^

  2. Thank you so much White Lotus ^_^ (touched)