Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goelali Children's Film Festival in Gandaria City June 2011

Today after hearing a recommendation from my sister I went with my child to this event. Like most malls during school holiday they are filled with children's activity, from show, competition or an event like this one. Please do open to found out more.

We see from the beginning of the display is very interesting, is this part of Goelali?

Next to the 'zoo' we see Rumah Imajinasi ZOETROPE, we are indeed intrigue now. 

Explanation of ZOETROPE, wanna know? Then you must visit them ^_^ Okay I'm not that mean . . . . here's a bit info: Inside you can see a display that's colorful and it can spin, when it does there's some kind of illusion. 

Some warnings, no taking picture inside (with flashlight), high heels, food and drinks.

One of the sponsor is post-it

Another cute display you can take pic with

Paintings using fingers, as in finger prints, I found these children are gifted, found a painting you like so much?

Vote for that one!

During the event you can see children's Film on certain timings. Mom and dads, let's bring your kids here.

About Goelali that I found on their website:

Goelali Foundation is set up in 2009 with a vision to give every child the opportunity to immerse in a world of creative media be it watching, viewing, learning, making, and showing or sharing their works with the outside world. 

Goelali’s mission is
(a) to offer beneficial educational entertainment for children
(b) to offer creative activities and workshops for children
(c) to provide a platform for children to present their works

So please do come and give your support
More info can be found on  @goelalifest (twitter) and Facebook


  1. okay..i feel so dumb that i'm not going inside when i go there..
    although i don't have children yet..but at least i can see the taman impian right?! hehehe...