Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Congestion Congestion Congestion

i'm a beauty blogger there's no doubt, I care a lot for things related to beauty and let's face it, stuck in the middle of a traffic jammed, is causing so much wrinkle on me. 

So to answer the call of E-Idea Competition 2011 by the British Council Indonesia and LRQA, I made this one post in hope for a better traffic in Jakarta. Congestion is the main issue I found here and there, like almost every street, road and alleys available.  


Many say that the problems is too much vehicle going on, Jakarta is too small, the population is growing, etc, etc, but is the problem really lies there? I see Hong Kong, I see Singapore, I see many other countries that are full packed with all of the above yet they manage to have a wonderful traffic daily. Town structure and road map strategies can deliver us a relieve but it took time, a lot of money and will it solve the problem for good? I think not. As long as the community, the residences, all the people lives in Jakarta don't do their part by being a good commuter. Obey the law accordingly, know and do proper street manner and discipline. 

Yes, the main problem of congestion in Jakarta is the people, all of us who use the road, streets, and all those alleys. From neurotic driving to plain ignorant, you got all those if you drive or out there daily. The government is trying the best they can like making Bus Way, pushing the law on taking driving license, officers on duty, and so on,  but if the rest of the people (like the majority) of road runner didn't comply to any of the rules, it's just plain useless. 

Here what I found in a daily life:

Picture of a public transportation stopping exactly at a U-turn under a No Stopping sign

Another public transportation stop almost in the middle of the street and lurking for passengers

What need to be done? Public transportation need to stop only at the bus station or terminal, does it means only public transportation need to obey the law and do things accordingly? No, all of us need to. No selling or using the side road for personal use, pedestrians get their rights and abide the law, those 3 lights on streets are made so everyone can take turns and have a go,  so obey! When it is marked with no stop sign, it really means no stopping there, zebra cross and overpass are made to pass the road, so don't just ran across the road with the side effect of being killed, use those instead. Private vehicle should not park anywhere they please, it create a massive jam just so you can easily walk to your favorite ATM or restaurant. Watch the signs on the street, do the right thing! Don't obey when there's a police officer on duty only, like when you use the Bus Way or even seat belts.

The thing is we all knew all of the above, we knew what is the right thing to do, we knew the rules, we knew the law, but what happen? Are they lost in translation? We need to re-enforced the law and rules and regulations again and this time make it big! Put more slogans, reinforcement from the society, educations in school, during driving license test, in community centers, everywhere you see and go, let everyone participate, from public figures to local community, artists and all, all of us. Let's begin a campaign to make Jakarta a better place.

These images are from Poskota.co.id

No more frustration on the road, no more time being waste, gas or energy, no more endless, needles jammed, no more holding your pees and feels like crying looking at the caterpillars of cars with no food and drinks inside your car, yes, I do have a picnic emergency bag inside my car, and I'm thinking am I going on a road trip. On the GPS it said 22 minutes, since when it become 4 hours?

Let's end this now. Let's act together, let's all of us create a campaign for Jakarta free from traffic jammed by the end of 2011. Get the sponsors, make a theme songs, make it fun and catchy, make it big and obeying the law is a cool and hip thing to do now, it's the 'it' thing to be considerate towards others on the street, and it all begin with our self. So start rolling and do the right thing.

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