Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Lemon Body Scrub by The Body Shop

 Sweet Lemon Body Scrub from The Body Scrub

 Normal Price Rp.69.000

 Help removing dead skin cells with natural products

Aaahh the fresh lemon squeezed into this tube....yums!

I get a chunk on my dry skin, it looks really funny and rough.

It really does feel like coarse sugars on the skin. I keep massaging for a while (2-3 minutes).

After rinse the area with water the skin becomes a lot smoother and soft when dry. 

Sweet lemon body scrub
The scent is a lot juicier than the body butter it smell so delicious like a fresh cold lemonade on a cold day. I put it on my dry skin and the texture is like sugar.... I read on the ingredients it does have a real sugar.... And I taste it, yes I did lick a bit.... It is a sugar haha! I'm not recommend this product for eating thou' 
So scrub away those nasty dead cells and clean it with water, do not scrub on wet/damp skin, again it is from sugar... Sugar dissolve in water... So use it on dry skin ^o^ And enjoy the freshness of a lemon and the smooth skin afterwards, follow with moisturizer of your choice.

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