Monday, June 13, 2011

Rundown of Gorgeous Summer

 Hi all ^_^,

It's been a packed weekend for me, how's your weekend?

I got an event with The Body Shop as I mentioned in my previous post and really hope none of you TBS fans missed it as now I'm gonna deliberate the details even more ^o^

First of all, thanks to my lovely sister Christina, my personal photographer that helps me with her skill and tools heehee, now you can see all they offered during the event. From treatment room, bicycle area, photo summer 'booth' complete with the beach balls, hats and sunglasses, beauty class, stage, and all the products galore that so hard to resist, on my heads I run a checklist of all the things I haven't have. And I bought myself TeaTree Oil wipes and Vitamin E. My sis got herself Lychee body butter...yums!

During the beauty class Ms. Harny help with during makeup sessions and I learn a lot of tips from her from massaging the face during skincare till applying the makeup correctly. Always massaging your face in upward circular motion and to the outer part movement. During makeup it is important to know each product and how it can accentuate your look. 

Do you know Shimmer Wave can be used as a highlighter, blush on, eye shadow and shading! Talk about all in one. Use the darker shade for your eye lid to create a deeper dimension and for your shading (under your cheek for a more contoured cheek bone), use the very light shade for a highlighter (nose bone, under the edge of your eye brows, and so on), pinkish for blush on and or eye shadow, and well the rest is pretty much depends on your imagination.

Then Ms. Ilya called me to the stage for my contribution for Nutriganics, (again) wow, first I got a chance to try on this wonderful products that has been raving around for their Ecocert then for writing a review on it TBS appreciate me with more of their quality products of Moroccan Rose. Heehee, called me a stage syndrome but I feel my time on the stage is not enough, I want a Q&A session, personal testimonial complete with my pictures on the slide, day to day experience, and so on. Ha! Ha! I hope I didn't bore you to death, after all in my defense a good skincare product show real result like Nutriganics ^_^.

Then it's makeup time from Mr. Dhika, the winner of 2010 of TBS Indonesia, the pretty model is Ms. Icha (envy for the height and slim figure). Shown on the picture slide of each steps and every products is from TBS

Sorry for the mispelling Mr. Dhika

Here's what I learn from Mr. Dhika: 
The minute he sees the client face, he knows what color suits them and makeup style
He use his fingers for applying the eye shadows
It took him 50% of his time applying makeup on the eye you know eyes are the trickiest part.
He enjoy his job, it seems like makeup comes naturally in his hands.....not took me forever to put on fake lashes.

I wish I have more time with him, I want to learn more when he is not that busy, he can share me more on makeup and I can help him with the skincare heehee...

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