Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rudy Hadisuwarno Ginseng Daily Shampoo

I remember during my college days I kept using Ginseng Daily Shampoo by Rudy Hadisuwarno, somehow I don't use it anymore  . . . .  until now.

After been told that my upper top part of my head is losing some hair (which actually have been happening for years, it didn't get any worse nor better) so I think now it's time for me to go back where my hair is thick and luscious again. I'm taking some action here【ツ】

It is said on the bottle that it is a shampoo with natural Ginseng and Pro Vitamin B5 for daily use. To cleanse, strengthen the root, tackle stress from over treats and make your hair soft, healthy, glowing beautifully and easy to manage. 

How to use: Apply on wet hair until foamed up, rinse with clean water, repeat. Use Ginseng Conditioner RH afterwards for maximum result.

In the ingredients I read some familiar ingredients such as: Ginseng Extract and Menthol

 What do I feel? The white thick texture is lovely and easy to foamed up, my advice after make your hair completely wet is to foamed the shampoo on your hand first than applying directly. The smell is fragrant ans strong, but it didn't last long. I like the menthol effect that cooling and helps clean the scalp pores better. The scalp stay fresh longer and if you use the hair tonic and hair growth serum, this shampoo helps the penetration process. Do massage your hair doing shampooing, enjoy your time and let your hair indulge in the freshness.

Suitable for daily use.


  1. Did your hair become thicker and stronger after using it? and what is the name of the hair tonic and hair growth serum?

  2. Hi there,

    you can read on the serum here :

    for the shampoo itself, the scalp that usually oily become less oily and I've been told that oily scalp blocked the growth of hair, so by cleaning the scalp and reducing the excessive oils it help the hair growth.

    Since I use the shampoo, hair tonic and serum, my hair fall does seems less, I found the floor in my home is cleaner ^_^, but for the thicker effect I think I'll wait another week or so