Thursday, June 16, 2011

Country Apple Bath & Body Works

Signature Collection CLASSICS™

Body Splash

Country Apple

Data from the website

Your favorite fragrances are back, and available online every day! With the Bath & Body Works Classics Collection, you can always find our all-time customer favorites, like Country Apple. This fresh combination of ripe, red apples and creamy blossoms is as delightful as an orchard in springtime.
  • Light, refreshing mist leaves skin pleasantly fragranced
  • Fragrance Top Notes: Living Green Apple
  • Fragrance Mid Notes: Apple Blossom, Muguet
  • Fragrance Base Note: Musk
  • Usage:

    Spritz all over for a refreshing splash of your favorite fragrance.


According to the usage direction, just spritz it on top of our fragrance to create a different dimension, since the mist can't stand alone (the scent last like an hour top).

The scent is apple alright. Like those juicy red Washington apple. Every time sniffing it feels like the juiciness of an apple juice. A bit sharp and strong smell but no worries the scent only last a while. I remember a friend of mine always have a bottle like this in the car, to freshen' up the car or themselves right before jumping out of the vehicle, or my advice, pour it into a small bottle of spray and put it inside your purse for a quick refreshing touch up. 

 And their having a 3 days sale now, so visit their website and get those juicy promo.

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