Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homy Donut in Kelapa Gading

Before you all wondering I'll answer it here, no I didn't start a food blogging . . . . it's just one of the things that happen in my life ^_- So yesterday when I'm visiting my home town (ha ha, Kelapa Gading has become a mini town) I went to this Donut shop, Homy Donut.

All the types of donuts are written in Japanese, fancy isn't it?! And . . . troublesome for me to pronounce it. So I just picked based on the words I know, like chocolate with a white swirl, pink thingy, mint thingy, and so on. For half a dozen it is Rp. 33.000.

Apparently, they are not ready, the donuts are, but not the toppings, so the staff will dip and decorate the donuts accordingly. We can just sit back and relax (with HBO on the screen), they have nice toilet and wash (for hands) area too.

And now it's eating time!! The topping are still wet and the donuts is a soft pillow ready to be eaten.

While I'm eating I'm wondering where is the natural and healthy part? Is it the in the ingredients?

Oh dear, I forgot to show you our donuts gallery, the blue one is the mint.

Me and Homy Donut

This one taste like candy

A mix between chocolate and sugar sprinkles, yums!

My fave gotta be the chocolate with chocolate inside, I love it more with dark chocolate.


  1. huaaaa.... i want that too!!!!
    bring me looks tasty...