Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 3rd Eating Contest Kamikaze Karaage

Who could beat the hottest chilli in the world? Not me, for sure!

Today in Kamikaze Karaage, BSD Serpong at 3 PM, a group of people from young adult to mom of teens are gathered here for a eating contest to found out who can stand the hottest chili in the world.

Kamikaze Karaage is famous for it's karaage that are so crunchy and yummy up to 4 hours. Before we went to the contest let me show you a bit of them. Above pic is their Karaage Kids Meal, consist of a cute chicken shaped to look like their chicken, Karaage, drink you can choose from green tea, blackcurrant and many more and ice cream that is so yummy. For around Rp.25.000 it's money well worth. 

Grown up can have many choices and I choose the mix of beef and karaage, the beef is so juicy delicious and you can choose the sauce, I think all of them are just so good. I remember having this kind of meal in Singapore, in a fancy expensive Japanese restaurant. Price around Rp 35.000. Yes, I do have my meal before the contest, prepared my tummy for chilies.

The mascot head is here, cute isn't it?! But most of the contestants can only feel their heart beat, the tension is in the air. We all want the bike, BB and Galaxy Mini (who wouldn't).

Then Ms.Kristina start the contest, all eyes are focusing on the wings. She explained the rule, consequences, the winner from last competition also there giving us no tips at all (her friend/family join this contest too, so perhaps she kept the secret to her him). Then it's sign the paper time. Each of us need to agree and give consent to whatever happen is our own mistake (ha ha!).

The smell of world spiciest and hottest chili is in the air, no kidding, I can't even stand chili padi what the heck am I doing here?! Oh yes, showing you all ^_^

After handling the gloves, tissues, wet hand towels, drinks (milk or ocha), let's just say they did prepare the contest and warned us many times of the extreme heat such as burning sensation, diarrhea, tummy ache, headache, vomiting, etc. The contest consist of 4 level, each level is done with 3 pieces of wings dips in the hot sauce made from the hottest chili in the world from India per degree of heat (level 1 is the least while level 4 is the most...painful). 10 minutes are given on each level consist of 5 minutes eating and 5 minutes waiting (for the heat to screw you up).

The drinks prepared and recommended is milk (to help ease the pain) but it can only be drank on designated timing. You are not allowed to use the tissue and wet towel during the contest to wipe off the sauce, if you do this, it mean you gave up.

Start! Everyone is galloping the wings, who gave up first? I do! It's just a bite and it is so damn hot, the numbing tongue and literally steam is coming out from my ears. The sweat and tears are coming, I don't care! I can't take another bite, I'm giving up! Total of 4 people is going down in level 1. Too hot!

Then it is level 2, some still smiling and really can stand the heat. My hubby is one of them, chili padi is nothing to him, maybe he will able to stand the heat to level 4. Nope, he quit after level 2 is finished, he ate 6 wings and I'm so proud of him. Half of the contestants also can't take it anymore. Up to level 4 still 18 people on the spots, wow, I thought only a few people in the world don't have the ability to feel a thing (joking!!).

So who is the winner?

Found out here guys ^_^, sorry, you can also tune in to Trans TV on Benu Buloe to see it and to believe it! 

Join the fun on twitter @kamikazekaraage and their facebook page.

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