Monday, June 20, 2011

One Piece Scalp Treatment

 Today I arrived at One Piece Hair Studio in SOGO Central Park. My appointment is on 3 PM and it's for a Scalp Treatment

 I've been reading some testimonials from other customer and I hardly found a complaint. And here I am, try to prove it myself.

The minute I sat Mr. Kevin (Top Stylist) check on my hair condition by looking, touching and rubbing the hair and scalp. It looks pretty thoroughly. He mentioned that my scalp is oily and the problem lies in the center upper part of my head where it is thinning o(╥﹏╥)o  Oh nooooo! 

But surprisingly, he didn't start selling products (like most salon does), you know, the hard sell tactics, that kept bla bla bla of how you need this, that and those treatments, but when you ask for numerous chemical procedure that clearly damaging your hair they (other hair saloon) still agree and yet, it's like a lifetime contract with them for damaging and saving your hair and went all over again. One Piece Hair Studio have shown me a different kind of saloon.

Then Mr Kevin told me to get a shampoo prescribed at any pharmacist or saloon made shampoo paying attention to hair regrowth, etc. It seems that he really concern and suggesting what's best for me.....something that usually a best friend will do.....totally impressed ✾◕‿◕✾

(btw Kevin is a Japanese err . . . . . Malaysian and mostly with me he speaks English . . . . duh. . . . . Apa Kabar ^0^ ?!) 

Then he handed me to Mr.Dennis, the whole treatment will be done by him. After putting on a robe I'm sitting down, ready to be washed.

Dennis carefully put on the plastic and towel so my clothes wont get wet. Attention to details indeed. 

This is the exact location of my treatment place, look at the colorful puzzle pieces in the decorations, it seems like One Piece is the last puzzle piece of my hair's need.

This is the details of my scalp treatment. It comes from 2 type of strength. Blue and green. Blue is more minty and suitable for oily scalp. Green is for oily scalp too but for sensitive scalp.I'm using Green. 

During the wash the mint is so refreshing, I can still feel it. My scalp is breathing now. Exhale...inhale....exhale....inhale..... ⊙0⊙ .. ⊙︿⊙    ⊙0⊙ .. ⊙︿⊙

Then Dennis put the cream section by section like when you do a color touch up for the root area. Again the mint is refreshing.

Bundle the hair up after applying the cream on the scalp thoroughly.  You can do this treatment according to your scalp needs. Just ask the stylish and they can assist you, no worries here, they wont make you do/have any treatment if you don't wont too and their professional advice is basely on the customer needs. 

I know from Dennis that even when you ask for a curl and they see your hair not in a suitable condition they'll tell you to comeback again when the hair is ready for the perm, wow!

The massage by Dennis is firm, spot on and relaxing. You've got to try this, any given day, when it is so boring, exhausting and just too dull, the treatment and massage can give you a lift and the fresh mint sensation will wake you up and feel ready for another challenge. 

I look so happy, am I? The ambiance there is fun, the songs are young and dynamic, it's an energizing yet comforting atmosphere. 

The massage continue to the shoulder area. Usually I feel either too hard or too weak, Dennis in other hand gave me the exact amount of strength that I need. It's hard not to doze off this time. Yet, I kept writing on my note about the experience so I remember exactly what I feel at the moment.

After the massaging period, they put a cling wrap on my hair but not tightly closed. 

10 minutes in warm mode

And cooling down before rinsing. I've gotta show their washing chairs, so comfy and look at the head part, you don't have to suffer with an aching neck, the head supporter is ergonomically designed for your comfort. 

Look at the colorful towels  ♥‿♥

And then I'm in another robe for drying. Actually I'm asking for a hair cut and after consulting with Kevin, he suggest I come back couple of months later when my hair is less 'smoothed'. Another point for sincere service to the customer.

Hand blow dry my hair is a breeze, no unbearable heat (which I hate from normal hair saloon), Dennis control the temperature by mixing the hot and cold blow. Lovely!

I feel so happy here!

Then Kevin is back with some serum in his palm and the hair become more smooth. The scent after the whole treatment is subtle, mild, yet my hair feels so fresh for longer period. Yes, my oily scalp need attention like every 12 hour but with the mint scalp treatment from One Piece the freshness stays on longer. 24 hour or till the next wash....24 hour ^_^ again, I have oily scalp.

 Me and Mr. Kevin, yes, I can't stop grinning. Thank you so much Kevin, and months from now I'll be back for a haircut. For your tips to take care my scalp with the correct shampoo, I will keep that in mind and I'll be back with another treatments and hopefully soon.

Me and Mr. Dennis (I feel so funny right now, I look so happy), thank you so much for the wonderful experience, a scalp treatment from you is so relaxing and worth recommended to everyone.

Enjoy their promo and don't forget to check out the 3D hair cut (yes, I'm aiming that in the next couple of months). 

 Btw on the cashier area you'll find a tipping box, yes, you are not allowed to give personally but use the tipping box instead, remember to bring cash! I screw up by not bringing enough cash (sorry!!). Take my advice, you'll love the service here so bad that you'll regret if you didn't give them 20% tips or more.

A picture of one happy customer that found One Piece as her missing puzzle in hair care.

Conclusion of things I enjoyed the most in One Piece Hair Studio:

1. The only pressure you feel here is their exact massaging technique
2. Consultation with the stylists here (top stylist, international, local, oh well any stylist they have) is a must and will save you money, time, effort,'ll get the picture, right?! You'll regret it if you don't, again, no worries, no hard sell whatsoever. 
3. Any style of hair, specific result, or anything you can imagine, they can find the correct treatment, chemical process and styling procedure plus all the products needed. Like Crystal treatment that can give your hair a very smooth tangle free hair, the product used can be adjusted with your hair condition and result that you want, neat isn't it?!
4. Feel free to think about it and come back next time.
5. Their technique, equipment, skill and service from anyone that touch your hair there is 5 stars. 
6. Their main objective is your hair need, keep that in mind  ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ 

So? Check them out, give yourself a chance to know world class service in hair studio and join their Facebook page and twitter @onepiece_id so you wont missed any of their updates.


  1. Hi Clevergirl! Just finished read your post and you have described exactly the same impression I had about One Piece's scalp treatment. I've been enjoying this treatment during the last 6 months and it really give results especially for sensitive and oily scalps. Just a little bit correction. Kevin is Malaysian, not Japanese (^_^)

  2. Kelvin is a Malaysian, fyi =)

  3. Oh gosh! Sorry for the mistake!! Will have it corrected ASAP ^o^